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  1. Grant says:

    Is there a way we can watch the race in Bali live?? So excited for the new season to start!

    • SLT Team says:

      Hi Grant. You can follow us on Facebook and IG (links in the footer). There will be plenty of live reporting!

  2. Jill Tarr says:

    Is this show going to be available to watch after it was live?
    I was unable to log in and see it. Set up an account but couldn’t actually find where to log in when it asked for it. On another note, love the formats, love the intensity, love the commentary

    • SLT Team says:

      Hi Jill. That’s so unfortunate. Please don’t hesitate to contact us right away if it happens again. And yes, the show will be available to watch on our website shortly. Thank you for the love!

  3. Glen Schofield says:

    SLT is a tough set of formats. There is no place to hide any weakness. I would love to see even more variations, like a run swim ride etc.

  4. Nane says:

    Merci pour ce très beau reportage !

  5. johannes says:

    super league is so amazing

  6. Bob De La Haye says:

    Love this

  7. Caroline says:

    Doesn’t work…

    • SLT Team says:

      Do you have problems logging in?

  8. SLT Team says:

    Are you ready for the Super League Show? How-to-SLT Videos are on now. 🤓Login to watch!

  9. Sarah Wilde says:

    Bring it on

  10. Mark White says:


  11. Phil Whitehead says:

    Great work guys

  12. SLT Team says:

    Thank you for watching! And we’re gonna do it one more time at 20.30 CET!

  13. Karina says:

    So addictive!

  14. Bela says:


  15. Claire Deane says:


  16. Michael Dhulst says:

    exciting stuff

  17. Nane says:

    Vivement 20h30… j’ai loupé à 11h30 …. 😦

  18. Nane says:

    Super !

  19. JEROME pasteur says:


  20. Joris Aerden says:

    Best format ever

  21. Ryan says:

    Great stuff!

  22. Alefia says:

    Watching it now! Love it already

  23. Andrew Schleis says:

    Ready Set GO!!!!

  24. Bruce Wilde says:

    Go… Super league

  25. Suzette says:


  26. Bea Angeles says:

    So excited!

  27. Steve says:

    Super league

  28. Phill says:

    Jonny B, top man. Would have been great to see Luis race yesterday too and see if he won yesterday and if he wasn’t so fresh today. Great racing, great series. Thanks Superleague

    • SLT Team says:

      Great comment! Thank you for watching!

  29. Pascal says:


  30. Dan says:

    Love it! Congrats to the athletes! #iamsuperleague

    • SLT Team says:

      Thank you for watching! #youaresuperleague

  31. Luke says:

    Outstanding coverage and exciting to watch!!!

    • SLT Team says:

      We can’t agree more! Thank you for watching! 😀

  32. Jamois Nathan says:

    It’s Amazing

    • SLT Team says:

      We totally agree! Thank you for watching! 😀

  33. Andie Kuipers says:

    Go Henri and Katie

  34. Marco Moretti says:

    Very very good. Magnificent organization. You’re beautiful

    • SLT Team says:

      Thank you! 🙂 And thank you for watching!

  35. Joan says:


  36. Sam says:

    Where is Luis ?! ://

  37. papalia says:


  38. Ademir Paulino says:


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