19 October


11 October

Corporate Mix Wrap: Guernsey Tri Club

Jersey’s very near neighbours and friendly rivals arrived on Jersey in large numbers to watch and support Super League Triathlon, and whilst propping up the leader board in the Corporate Mix (giggles in Jersey), Super League Triathlon and the Jersey Triathlon Club are very grateful to all of the Guernsey Tri Club members who made the trip to Jersey.

Point of interest: In 1987, the first club event was organised when  a group of 12 local Police Officers decided to put on a Triathlon event to raise money for charity.

11 October

Corporate Mix Wrap: Jersey Tri Club

Jersey Triathlon Club is one of the oldest triathlon clubs in the British Isles having been formed in 1985. The two teams entered in the corporate mix were selected from a lucky draw and Facebook excitement around selection caused online hysteria. From seasoned triathletes to triathlon beginners, all embraced the opportunity to race on the same Super League course as the professionals and look forward to 2018 to avenge their loss to Junior Team 1.

Point of interest: Participant Philippa Worth also acted a GP (doctor) to the professional athletes in the week of the event.

11 October

Corporate Mix Wrap: Jersey Tri Club Juniors

Jersey Triathlon Club junior club wholeheartedly accepted the challenge thrown down by the organisers of Super League Triathlon. The club has been growing from strength to strength in the past few years, most certainly influenced by the strong performances of the Brownlee brothers at the Olympics in 2012 (London) and 2016 (Rio). The short sharp format suited the smaller bodies of these young triathletes and they certainly were not out of place in a predominantly adult race, finally ending up in 8th (Team 1) and 10th (Team 2).

Point of interest: JTC team participants Lily McGarry, Adele Maher and William Atkinson all compete in the British Super Series (age 15/16) reserved for the top 50 athletes in the UK.

Jersey Tri Club Juniors

Jersey Tri Club Juniors

Jersey Tri Club Juniors

Jersey Tri Club Juniors

9 October

Super League Jersey // Thank you to our Sponsors and Partners

9 October

Ravenscroft Group at Corporate Mix

9 October

Corporate Mix Wrap: Team Comprop

Comprop C.I. Limited, a property development company in the Channel Islands was a key supporter of Super League Triathlon Jersey and entered a strong team into the Corporate Mix containing a former Ironman professional (Nick Saunders), a former Commonwealth Games Triathlete (Tom Perchard, 2014 Glasgow and 2018 Gold Coast hopeful) a two time Kona age grouper (Michael Charlton), a multi island games track runner (Katie Silva), an up and coming GB triathlete (Ollie Turner, with eyes on a Gold Coast scholarship) and a recent age group competitor a the ITU world championships (Fintan Kennedy). A very strong line up which proved to be the winning formula.

Points of interest: Nick Saunders has competed many times against Chris McCormack (CO-Founder of Super League Triathlon)

Corporate Mix Team Comprop

1 October

Super League Triathlon Crowns New Champions in Jersey

After two days of racing, Katie Zaferes and Kristian Blummenfelt stood atop the podium at Super League Jersey, triumphant over a field of 50 world-class athletes including Olympic medalists and World champions.

Showing versatility, smart tactics, explosive speed, and killer instinct, the two athletes solidified their win on Day 2 after having won Day 1’s racing. As a result, both earned the maximum 50 points to top the overall leaderboard and take away the title and top prize of $18,000.

While Richard Murray had ended Day 1 as runner-up with Jonathan Brownlee in third place, Day 2  saw Brownlee finish the racing in second. With their total points tied, the result from the second race served as a tiebreaker to put the dual Olympic medalist atop the Super League Hamilton Island champion in final rankings.

The same happened on the women’s podium as Nicola Spirig was bumped down to third place by hard-charging Summer Cook, who raced ahead in the final race of Day 2 to finish second to Zaferes.


Women's Race

After having raced many of the same women the previous weekend, Zaferes knew not to underestimate anyone. She said, “I never knew what people had left in the tank or what strategies they were playing. It's hard not to consider everyone a threat but as the races went on I thought Nicola, the USA women and the Brits were going to be the most difficult to beat. It's pretty awesome having a two time Olympic medalist as one of your competitors. Also I feel like it was well balanced in that there were athletes who are super strong swimmers, great cyclists and also really fast runners. It made for an exciting race as no one could ever be counted out!”

Read the entire Super League Jersey women's race wrap-up.


Men's Race

With the previous results from Hamilton Island, the field knew to look out for defending champion Murray. He named runner-up Mario Mola who had defended his world title just a week earlier and third-placed Jake Birtwhistle as the major threats to his title defense.

However, Blummenfelt was one to watch out for, having won the first two of three stages of the Eliminator on Hamilton Island. He had also had a better season than Murray, ranking third in the world. His runner-up finish in Rotterdam had bumped Murray down to fourth.

Read the entire Super League Jersey men's race wrap-up.


Corporate Mix a big success

Pro and amateur racing over the weekend dovetailed in the new Corporate Mix division. The Corporate Mix overall win relied on the total of a team’s points garnered from their relay finish positions and the points from their pro male and female athletes’ finish positions.

With a total of 17 teams from nine corporate entities on the start list, every morning of each day of racing allowed athletes on each team to match themselves up with fellow highly motivated and competitive individuals. They also partook in special corporate hospitality packages and exclusive opportunities to interact with the championship athletes, ensuring a memorable and inspirational experience for all.

“To be invited to race the corporate mix and be part of the weekend has been out of this world,” said Adrian O’Brien, a member of the MaccaNOW Foundation corporate relay. “I cannot wait to watch the highlights show. Triathletes race and party hard. Meeting so many down-to-earth people, relaxing and racing with friends and helping each other -- the whole island got behind this event.”

Team Comprop won the Corporate Mix with 98 points, boosted by Blummenfelt’s 50 points. First Names Group Team 2 benefited from Katie Zaferes’ 50 points from the twin wins in the Triple Mix and Eliminator, ending up in second with 81 points. The Ravenscroft Titans placed third with 61 points, propped up by their relay team’s great finishes.


Super League Triathlon gives back to Jersey

In the lead-up to the weekend’s racing, Super League Triathlon athletes also spent time with the Jersey Triathlon Club and its junior athletes to conduct drills, teach skills, answer questions, and inspire all to continue chasing their triathlon dreams.

“I love the way that Super League Triathlon immerses the professionals into the local community and introduced us to the young athletes. I think it was awesome that there was so much involvement with the Jersey triathlon community,” said Zaferes. Her compatriot Cook offered, “I think events like Super League Jersey are a great way to get kids to take up triathlon. In Jersey, kids had ample opportunity to meet some of their sporting heroes and ask questions about the sport!”

Spirig knows the positive effect of giving children the opportunity to meet professional athletes very well, since she runs her own series of kids’ races in Switzerland. “I try to personally be at as many of those races as possible. I think giving the kids the opportunity to meet professional athletes, to have idols and role models, to see us racing and to have the opportunity to train and race themselves is very important.”

Murray commented, “Winning is great but being out inspiring the youth is also great.” Blummenfelt spoke about the importance of having fun in training. “If they only find joy in racing, and not training, then they will realize its not worth it, and they will quit,” he said.


Jersey rolled out the red carpet for Super League Triathlon

Athletes were all praises for the organization of the weekend’s races. “I think being such a new event it has been organized exceptionally well,” commented Spirig. “You could see that there was a very professional team doing the job, but at the same time you could feel that the volunteers and the Jersey Triathlon Club were completely behind the race and doing everything to make it a success.”

Zaferes commented, “The Jersey course was technically demanding which made for an interesting race, and even more exciting when the rainy weather added another element.”

Blummenfelt took note of how the local partners put together the event on its first try. “Normally it takes years to build up an event at this level.” He was also impressed by the way the whole island of Jersey supported the event.

Thousands of Jersey locals as well as tourists alike lined the bike and run routes to spectate not just on Day 1 with its perfect weather, but also on Day 2 despite the stormy conditions. It was unlike anything yet seen in Jersey.

Cook said, “The people of Jersey were so welcoming and came out in masses to the races, even when it rained on Sunday! It was so much fun to race in front of such a large crowd!”

Super League Triathlon co-founders were very pleased at how the second event had turned out. Chris McCormack said, “I thought the event was marvelous: the course, the crowd, the venue, and the community support.”

Leonid Boguslavsky commented, “It has over-achieved our expectations, and we are very excited to show what we have in store for the rest of the season.”

Michael d’Hulst added, “Super League Jersey is a great foundation to keep building on for the future events in Jersey and make Jersey part of our yearly calendar.”


Future plans for Super League Triathlon

As Super League Jersey has wrapped up, the questions now turn to future plans for Super League Triathlon.

Boguslavsky revealed, “We are considering several opportunities and we will make decisions shortly. Since it’s the first season for us it’s an ad hoc approach. We are already putting agreements in place that make sure that all venues for Season One are long-term commitments and will be part of future seasons. We are planning to have between five and seven Super League Triathlon events per season.”

Super League Triathlon is also working with its media partner Lagardere Sports to grow its distribution and audiences globally. “We already have partnerships with ESPN, Sky, and Eurosport,” said McCormack.

d’Hulst added, “We grew our presence in China, and added three channels to the live coverage. And very important is the reach we will achieve with our post-produced documentary which is very accessible to a wider audience.”

The athletes will be back as well. “I, for sure, would love to take part in more Super League Triathlon events,” said Zaferes.

“I want to support Super League Triathlon as they continue to set the pace on how to showcase our sport,” added Cook.

Spirig shares the sentiment. She said, “We have a similar race in Switzerland and I always found the different formats and the short distances very attractive for both, spectators and athletes. I think it’s great to now have a professional, international series in such a format and will definitely try to do more of the events.”

Blummenfelt added, “I can't wait to find out where the next location will be. I know that the Super League Triathlon crew are looking for another spectacular venue for their next event, and it will be good for both spectators, TV and us athletes.”

Murray opined, “I believe it will be the go-to distance in the future.”

Competing in further events in the series will also reward the athletes financially as well as in other ways. d’Hulst revealed, “Jersey was the first round of the official series and Super League Triathlon’s focus will be on a bonus for the series. The individual events are aligned with the WTS and the bonus structure will be Super League Triathlon’s unique selling point. Additionally, we are working on further rewards outside of race wins to promote competitiveness and audience interaction.

“Our commitment to investing in professional triathletes is strong and a key pillar of our brand. This starts with taking care of our athletes at venues, providing different financial rewards targeting not only the winner of events, but obviously focused on the commitment to our series!”


Missed the races live? Watch Super League Jersey and Super League Hamilton Island on-demand on superleaguetriathlon.com or youtube.com/superleaguetriathlon

29 September

Super League Jersey // Fan Report

by Paul Martin

Where do I begin? How about mid July. I was sitting on the bed checking a social media update from Super League Triathlon (who I've followed since watching the Hamilton Island event earlier in the year) with details of the next event. The post read 'Super League is coming to Jersey', I checked the dates, 23-24th September.

I'm free that weekend, so I turned to the wife and said, "Do you fancy a dirty weekend in Jersey at the end of September, without the kids?" (I turned 40 in August and we were looking for a weekend away to celebrate anyway, Perfect!) "Yeah ok," she replies. "I like Jersey." (we've been before) So she set about finding somewhere to stay. I thought I better come clean early on and told her about the event. "Not a problem, it is for your birthday after all," came the reply, get in! One-bed apartment Friday to Monday and a couple of Easyjet flights for a couple of hundred quid all booked. 

Friday 22nd, good afternoon flight over, apartment was very good for the small amount paid and just a 10-minute walk to the Super League venue, things were looking good.
Took a walk over to the venue that evening to see what the spectator areas were gonna be like, it turned out you could pretty much watch from anywhere, fantastic, so we strolled through transition (yes through, which was all set up ready for bike racking for the Corporate Mix event in the morning) and along the finishing chute. Banners and LED boards and screens all over the place, it looked fantastic. Right, couple of pics, bit of dinner and off to bed.
Saturday 23rd, glorious sunshine, shades on, let's go! We decided to give the morning Corporate Mix event a miss and come back at 12pm to find a spot to watch the Elite Mens event. We managed to cut through the hotel that all the pros and organisers were staying in and passed by several of the not-so-well-known pros without even realising, palm-to-face moment. Got to the other side and found a great spot to watch and film the start.
The horn sounded and off they went, Holy S**T! over the next hour or so I witnessed the fastest and most awe-inspiring racing i have ever known! We worked our way round the course throughout the race taking pics and videos and shouting support. Got the Tuff-fitty banner out in a few spots to try and get some TV coverage (not sure if we did or not) and took a few pics with it too. Found a good spot to see the finish and it was Blummenfelt, Murray, Brownlee, respectively, they had been well clear throughout the race so well-deserved.
Paul Martin with the Tuff-Fitty banner
The women were up next and they did not disappoint! Same spot for the start, get in, Brits, Sophie Coldwell and Jodie Stimpson lead for a fair part of the race but were outdone in the end by Zaferes, Spirig and Cook. We did the same as for the men's race and worked our way round the course shouting support and taking pics. It was amazing how close you could get to the racing and with the course being really short there was always someone to watch. When the women's race had finished the spectators were welcomed onto the course and into transition to greet and congratulate the pros, wow, more pics and lots of grinning ensued! Day one done, found a nice restaurant for dinner and took ourselves to bed. Didn't sleep much, too busy grinning and going through the photos and videos taken.
Sunday 24th, cloudy and raining, it couldn't have been more different conditions. This was gonna be a tough day for everyone. Ladies first this time. We went looking for a sheltered spot and found a few places round the course, caught sight of a few very nasty crashes on the bike sections, lots of skin and tri suit left on the course today, ouch! We worked our way round and decided to cut through the hotel again, glanced over to the bar area and it was fairly empty with an outside area looking over transition and the run up to the finish, no one there to say we were not allowed to be there so took the coats off, bought a drink, took a seat and watched the event through the window and over the glass balustrade between showers. I came back in during a shower just as Jonny Brownlee wandered through the bar in front of me, just enough time to say "good luck today Jonny", to which he replied "Thanks mate, let's hope I do better than yesterday" (a slight shoe-fitting issue in the last transition lost him a few valuable seconds, which was too much for him to be able to catch Murray and Blummenfelt). More grinning ensued!
Todays racing was made even more thrilling as the field was cut to 15 after the first swim-bike-run, then to ten after the second swim-bike-run so there was racing within racing! Awesome!
I watched and cheered all the ladies up the finishing straight to blaring music, applause and cheers after each tri and the final sprint to the end. An amazing finale for them and well-deserved, none of them held back despite the dangerous conditions. I saw a few of them hobbling back in to the hotel bandaged, bloodied, and bruised, including Brit Emma Pallant. Final result, Zaferes, Cook, Spirig, well done ladies, just a little too much for the Brits at the end. 
Paul Martin photo of womens podium
Now for the men. We walked round a bit of the course in the rain then decided to get back to the Hotel for most of the race this time as the view was good and there was a big screen a little further down so we could keep up with the racing we couldn't see. As with the ladies, the field was cut after each tri and they also did not hold back. A few of them definitely left with a lot less skin than they arrived with (Brit Ben Dijkstra being one of them) The racing was fast and furious and a little tighter than yesterday. Still Blummenfelt, Brownlee and Murray in the mix but joined by a few others Schoeman, Royle, Hauser, Mola, etc... 
Again, we cheered them all up the finishing straight after each tri and to the final finish line. Blummenfelt took it convincingly on the final run with Jonny not to far behind and then followed by Murray a few seconds later. Blummenfelt was outstanding all weekend, the win was well-deserved, and after being pipped at the post in the ITU grand final by Vincent Luis the weekend before you could tell he really wanted this one.
I slumped back in my chair still grinning and thinking this couldn't get any better, well, it did. As i sat there the pro ladies started appearing in the bar area, right, selfie time, i managed to collar as many as i could even though it only seemed to be me and half a dozen of the Jersey kids tri club that was approaching them asking for autographs and selfies, i don't think many people realised that the hotel was still open to all, felt a bit like an old stalker at times but what the hell. Then the men started coming in with their bikes, well i say men, when you see them on the telly you think they are these big, tall, strong, machines, when actually they are normal young lads and ladies that are just bloody fit!
Paul Martin with Kristian Blummenfelt
All of them were more than happy to talk and pose for selfies even when a few of them were battered and bruised and no doubt knackered. I spoke to Dan Halksworth (a Jersey Lad who did brilliantly and had the whole Island behind him) as he came back in with his bike and whose last comment to me was "you better get the selfie in now cos i'm about to go and get smashed", and rightly so! 
Just to show how normal these pros are and to top off the weekend we shared the Easyjet flight back on Monday with none other than the winner Kristian Blummenfelt, Current ITU world champion Mario Mola, Agnieszka Jerzyk, Laura Lindermann, Joao Pereira and a few others whose names escape me. We returned home a very happy couple.
I apologise for rambling on so much but this weekend was, by a country mile, the most amazing, awe-inspiring, fast, competitive, and friendly event, sporting or otherwise, that I have ever attended or even seen for that matter. Credit to the Super League Triathlon organisers and the islanders. I understand that they are planning to do this event in Jersey for the next five years so if you want an amazing weekend I could not recommend this enough. All the pros seemed to enjoy the format as well and I think all have said they will return next year. I am certainly hoping to. I have added a couple of pics with this report and will be posting a load more including videos on my Facebook page soon, link below.
I hope you enjoyed my ramblings as much as I enjoyed the weekend.
26 September


26 September

Super League Jersey Day 2 Eliminator Men

26 September

Super League Jersey Day 2 Eliminator Women

26 September

Super League Jersey Day 1 Triple Mix Women

26 September

Super League Jersey Day 1 Triple Mix Men

25 September

Super League Jersey // Blummenfelt rises as new Super League Triathlon champion

A new champion has arisen at Super League Jersey. Kristian Blummenfelt of Norway backed up his win in yesterday’s Triple Mix with the win in today’s Eliminator to score the maximum of 50 points and take the Super League Jersey overall win.

Blummenfelt took out the top spot in five out of six stages this weekend, a product of a year in which he has come into his own. In the previous Super League Triathlon event on Hamilton Island, he made a mark by winning two out of the three Eliminator stages, then went on to capitalize on this aggressive racing by taking three silvers and one bronze on the world circuit, finishing third in the world.

The podium for Eliminator mirrored the overall podium as Great Britain’s pride Jonathan Brownlee took second place over the three-stage race and in overall points, knocking erstwhile runner-up and defending Super League Hamilton Island champion Richard Murray of South Africa down to third overall.

The Eliminator format has three stages of swim-bike-run whittling the field down to the fastest 15 and then 10 to race for victory. The conditions were even wetter than the women’s race held an hour earlier as rain continued to pour down on Jersey. Not only would the fastest survive, but also the ones with the least mishaps.


Stage 1

Jake Birtwhistle and Brownlee were among the first few to exit the 300-meter swim and head out onto the five-kilometer bike leg composed of five laps around a one-kilometer circuit. The wet roads made what was already a highly technical course even more threatening. The optimal spot seemed to be up in front among the athletes with good bike handling skills. Those hanging off the back were more inclined to take risks to bridge back up, with crashes taking athletes like Dmitri Polyanskiy of Russia and Ben Dijkstra of Great Britain out of the running.

Blummenfelt found himself in the front bunch on the two-lap run on the one-kilometer circuit and could not resist taking the Stage 1 top finish ahead of Brownlee and ascendant Aussie Aaron Royle, who finished ahead of compatriots Jake Birtwhistle and Matt Hauser, who got the last pontoon spot into Stage 2.

Stage 2

Hauser’s 15th place finish from the previous stage became a distant memory as he pushed out to the front of the swim with Brownlee on his feet. He was determined to make the final stage unlike on Hamilton Island, when he was eliminated as the 11th finisher in the second stage.

Strong swim-bikers Ben Kanute of the USA and Australia’s Ryan Fisher pushed the bike pace to ensure they could finish the run in the top 10 even with fast runners coming up behind them. While Blummenfelt fell back to as far as 11th on the bike, this was more of an energy-conserving move as he found the front on the run again, this time with Royle in second and Brownlee in third. But finish order within the top 10 would hardly matter, as it was the Stage 3 finish that counted for the win.

Stage 3

Athletes poured out every last ounce of their speed on this final stage of the Eliminator. Aggressive racing would either be rewarded with a win, or a crash out as the rain grew even more insistent. Once again, Hauser led from the swim out onto the bike with Kanute chasing. Brownlee, showing his mastery of these trademark British conditions, sat in third. Murray was on the back foot from the swim and cycled in the back of the bunch. However, with most of the men getting off the bike together, an excellent transition put Murray right back in the race -- for second.

Blummenfelt had gone off the front in the final lap of the bike. Once his running shoes were on, he shot off in what looked like a controlled sprint and never let up. It was all Brownlee could do to keep him in sight, and Murray ran out of road to fight for the runner-up position. Hauser in fourth led the final Aussie contingent, followed by Birtwhistle and Royle.

Brownlee said, “I had a massive advantage there with British weather and British crowds so thank you to everyone for coming out even in this weather. I enjoyed today; I actually think I got fitter from yesterday, but Kristian was far better than us all the whole weekend and I was absolutely nowhere near him today. Well done, and well done to Richard as well. It’s great fun, it’s great racing and hopefully everyone’s enjoyed it.”

Murray responded, “I think Kristian was definitely ahead of both Jonny and myself today as well as yesterday but I gave it everything and the crowd was amazing. The weather didn’t play ball but the guys were safe out there most of the time and we had a great time.”

Blummenfelt said he could not help his gutsy approach to the day’s racing, which has ultimately won for him $18,000 in prize money. “I tried to play a little bit safe in the beginning and just make it inside the top 15 and top 10 but it’s just so hard to hold back when I like racing,” he admitted. “Hopefully I get winter off training now and I’ll be fit for next year.”

With both pro races completed, the Corporate Mix final leaderboard has also been computed. The Corporate Mix overall win relies on the total of a team’s points garnered from their relay finish position and the points from their pro male and female athletes’ finish positions. Team Comprop wins the Corporate Mix with 98 points, boosted by Blummenfelt’s 50 points. First Names Group Team 2 benefited from Katie Zaferes’ 50 points from the twin wins in the Triple Mix and Eliminator, ending up in second with 81 points. The Ravenscroft Titans found themselves in third with 61 points, propped up by their relay team’s great finishes.

Missed the Triple Mix and Eliminator? Watch them again on Super League Triathlon’s Youtube channel youtube.com/superleaguetriathlon


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25 September

Super League Jersey // Zaferes crowned first Super League Triathlon women's champion

Super League Triathlon crowned its first queen with Katie Zaferes taking out today’s Eliminator race and the overall win at Super League Jersey. The Eliminator podium also mirrored the final overall podium, with Summer Cook besting Nicola Spirig to the runner-up spot both in the race itself as well as in total points earned.

The Eliminator format involved three stages of swim-bike-run, with the field progressively growing smaller. Only the top 15 finishers of Stage 1 would go on to Stage 2, and only the ten fastest finishers of Stage 3 could compete for the Eliminator win.

Wet conditions today stood in stark contrast to yesterday’s sunshine. As the technical bike course shimmered with leftovers puddles from a midday storm, athletes needed to play a tactical game to ensure they stayed rubber-side up.


Stage 1

Great Britain’s Sophie Coldwell led through the 300-meter swim with Kirsten Kasper of the USA and Carolina Routier from Spain in second and third, but a logjam at the bike mount allowed Coldwell to break clear. Compatriot Jodie Stimpson found her way up onto Coldwell’s wheel, with the two athletes working together to control their race over the five-kilometer bike course where slick cobblestones and tight corners posed many dangers to success.

A wise decision it seemed, for further back in the pack small mistakes on slick patches of road cost athletes some skin and more as they crashed into each other. Two pairs of athletes crashed in the same location one lap apart, taking them out of contention for Stage 2: Desirae Ridenour of Canada and Emma Pallant of Great Britain, and Barbara Riveros of Chile and Emma Jeffcoat of Australia.

Meanwhile, the leading Brits proved well capable of handling the wet, riding into transition with a clear lead for the run. Yesterday’s leading athletes Zaferes and Spirig seemed content to let Coldwell and Stimpson surge ahead; after all, one only needed to rank 15th and higher to move on to the next round.

Coldwell and Stimpson high-fived each other and crossed the finish line together after the two-kilometer run, while Spirig was unable to resist her competitive nature and surged to third place.

A race-within-a-race unfolded for 15th place, with Claire Michel of Belgium clinching the final spot into Stage 2 ahead of Russia’s Anastasia Abrosimova.


Stage 2

The big names were still among the 15 to toe the Stage 2 start line. Coldwell and Stimpson emerged from the water in front, with a few athletes in the back caught in some accidental fisticuffs on the swim.

Zaferes, Spirig, and Kasper stuck close to the two Brits to hit the run in the lead group. Coldwell faded, allowing Spirig, Zaferes, and Kasper to finish second, third, and fourth to Stimpson.

It became a heated race for the last five spots on the Stage 3 pontoon. After a while on her own, Cook finally bridged up to the leaders. Rachel Klamer, Charlotte McShane, Emmie Charayron, and Melanie Santos beat Non Stanford for the chance to race once more.


Stage 3

While the athletes had been largely tactical through the first two stages keeping their chips close, Stage 3 of the Eliminator was where they would spend them. It was time to see who could go fastest over the now-familiar course.

The pace was up as athletes stretched out single-file over the swim. Coldwell once again was first out of the water, followed by two Americans Kasper and Cook. The three pushed to make a break on the bike, but a hard-charging Spirig pulled Stimpson and Zaferes right back up onto them.

It seemed a battle between Spirig of Switzerland and Zaferes of the USA as they got onto the run, but it was here where the American’s fleet feet took her to the front, never to look back.

Meanwhile, Cook’s track-and-field background came good as she put on a surge of her own to pip Spirig for second. While Kasper attempted to make it an all-American podium sweep, Spirig held strong to clinch third.

“On the run I knew when I made the pass I had to gap them or else it was game over. So I really just went for it and I tried not to look back. I was running pretty scared at the end but it worked out,” said Cook post-race. “I was really nervous yesterday morning and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was a little bit scared but I ended up thinking last night that yesterday’s format was one of the most fun races I’ve ever done. Today was pretty fun too but I’m still in a little bit too much pain to appreciate it yet.”

While Spirig slipped to third overall after coming in second yesterday, finishing at the pointy end in a top-caliber field was a testament to her strength and quality as an athlete. She said, “It’s good fun, I think it was tough for everyone today with the weather and with the format but well done to the girls and I think I did my best. I’m very happy.”

Zaferes takes home the top prize of $18,000 and the first women’s trophy for Super League Triathlon after a consistent season on the world triathlon circuit. “It’s just so cool, it’s a different style of racing. It’s a fun style but it is so painful and you cannot hide anywhere,” she said. “I would love to do more of these.”

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18 July

What is Super League Triathlon

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 Jersey Island Announcement 

16 March


It's Time to Crown Our Queen 

16 March


Hamilton Island Highlights Show