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Super League Triathlon proudly presents the Teams for our 2023 Championship Series!


Last year, it was the Bahrain Victorious Scorpions that took the overall victory, although Hayden Wild (SLT Sharks) finished top of the Men’s Leaderboard, while Georgia Taylor-Brown (BV Scorpions) dominated in three of the women’s races to retain her 2021 title.


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SLT Teams: FAQ

How does it work?

There are four Teams, each with five female and five male athletes and a Team Manager who has a vast knowledge of the sport and is appointed by the Team Owner. 

What are the 2023 Championship Series Teams and who are the Team Managers?

Bahrain Victorious Scorpions: Managed by four-time World Champion Chris McCormack

Santara Tech  Eagles: Managed by four-time World Champion Tim Don

RTS Warriors: Managed by founder of Team RTS Nick Chase 

RTP Sharks: Managed by two-time Olympian Michelle Dillon

How many athletes are on a Team?

Each team will consist of 10 athletes; five female, and five male. Team Managers recruit the athletes for their Teams and can source additional replacement athletes for injuries and any other gaps will be filled via a Wildcard system.

How will Wildcards be allocated? And what about injuries?

Any team with less than their complement of five male or five female athletes will be allowed to recruit Wildcards racing individual events.

If all Teams have their full allocation of five male and five female athletes then event specific Wildcards will be allocated by SLT management.

All Wildcards and Wildcard picks will be communicated via Super League’s digital channels in the weeks leading up to each event.

What is the points scoring system?

New for 2023, all points from the Individual Leaderboards at each event will count towards the Teams Leaderboard. Also all points accrued via the swim, bike and run Discipline Leaderboards will count.

What about the Short Chutes?

There are three Short Chutes up for grabs in each race – for the first athlete across the Mount Line after the swim on Stage 1, for the first athlete across the Dismount Line after the bike on Stage 1 and for the first athlete across the Finish Line at the end of Stage 1.

Short Chutes are won for a Team and awarded to an athlete during the race by their Team Manager. Short Chutes are to be taken on the first lap of the run in Stage 3. No team can win more than one Short Chute.

Does Teams carry prize money?

Yes. The 2023 Championship Series boasts a total prize pool of $1.24 million, with Teams enjoying a prize pot of $300,000, which helps to ensure the development of young athletes who are in the earlier stages of their careers and not yet earning significant prize money through individual racing.

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