The Winners And Losers: Super League Triathlon Teams Draft 2022

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There were shocks, surprises and intrigue as the Super League Triathlon Teams Draft set the tone for some incredible battles across SLT’s biggest ever Championship Series in 2022.

With the Team Managers having clearly learned from Tim Don’s masterclass in 2021, and adapting for new rule changes this year such as the Short Chute, the tension among the bosses was palpable as they attempted to outmanoeuvre each other.

So who were the big winners and losers?

slt eagles

Tim Don was arguably the most invested manager in 2021, and it paid off as he led the Eagles to a commanding victory. However, it was always unlikely a group of people who have made a career out of being competitive were likely to let him just rule the roost again.

Don is a thinker, and his headline grabbing decision to ditch Taylor Spivey in favour of Non Stanford was a bold move, but one that very much plays into current form with the Welsh triathlete having a golden end to her amazing career. Don also likes to get Brits into his team and has half the Eagles from the UK, including three out of four women, despite having lost Jess Learmonth from last year’s line-up due to injury.

Team Lineup Eagles 169

Sian Rainsley looks a solid bet, even if this is an SLT debut season, while Sophia Green and Sara Röel are less known commodities.

With Alex Yee not on the table, Don was quick to snap up Matt Hauser. Interestingly, Bahrain Victorious manager Chris McCormack probably had little choice but to retain Bahrain Victorious leader Vicnent Luis, but Hauser is a huge win for Don, who was also desperate for Jamie Riddle too. The Eagles do not look like runaway winners at this stage, but do have the air of a team that will be hugely competitive.

Bahrain Victorious Scorpions

There was speculation as to whether Chris McCormack would have a free hand in his selections or go for team orders from Bahrain Victorious. The fact he prioritised all the Bahrain Victorious athletes suggests an answer.

Georgia Taylor-Brown was a no-brainer, Vincent Luis was picked despite costing them Matt Hauser. Tyler Mislawchuk was a first pick despite having not posted a string of positive results for a long time, while Henri Schoeman also falls into that category and was unfancied by the other managers.

Team Lineup Scorpions 169

That said, getting Kenji Nener in the last round was a real result, and if Mislawchuk and Schoeman rediscover form of old then they will be a tough team to beat, especially as Schoeman is an athlete who can genuinely contend with Hauser for Short Chutes and the swim Discipline Leaderboard.

Macca has also backed his deep triathlon knowledge to round out his female side and looked quietly confident.

SLT Sharks

The challenge for Michelle Dillon this year was clear: get a team that can support Hayden Wilde and Beth Potter. Those two stellar athletes are almost certain to contest the overall title in 2022, so would always be retained, but they may need a helping hand with Short Chutes. In Tayler Reid, Dillon has picked a gun swimmer, while Chase McQueen is no slouch either.

Team Lineup Sharks 169

Kate Waugh is an interesting partner for Potter, an athlete that is really coming of age and perhaps flying a little under the radar, while Nicole van der Kaay brings a lot to the table too.

The Sharks look a more rounded proposition this year, but a lot may still depend on Potter and Wilde delivering the Overall Leaderboard titles.

SLT Cheetahs

The Fan Team owners did good!

Their pics look on paper to have massively strengthened the Cheetahs from 2021 and produced a team that could be capable of a title tilt. Retaining Sophie Coldwell and Jonny Brownlee was a simple decision, and one almost nobody would argue with.

Rachel Klamer may not have enjoyed good form recently but has huge SLT experience and proven pedigree in SLT racing. Verena Steinhauser also brings a lot of experience to the table.

Team Lineup Cheetahs 169

While Annie Emmerson is working on a replacement for Marten Van Riel while he recovers from injury, his eventual return will be huge, and his interim stand-in is rumored to be a big name too. Max Stapley is probably the one who looks like a genuine surprise contender in the making, and what an incredible athlete he is to secure in the third round of picks. Even Shachar Sagiv, selected last for the Cheetahs, was solid in 2021.

There is a lot for the Fan Team owners to be excited about.

SLT Rhinos

The only way is up for the Rhinos after their torrid season last year that saw them rock bottom and barely competitive during the Series.

Ronnie Schildknecht has again gone for an interesting blend of athletes, but his confidence levels are high. He was delighted to take advantage of Tim Don’s decision to release Taylor Spivey by picking her up, and if she is on form then that will be an incredible steal. Natalie Van Coevorden, Jeanne Lehair and Hanne De Vet are not huge names, but all have the skills that could make them competitive.

Team Lineup Rhinos 169

Schildknecht is a huge believer in Vasco Vilaca, and feels he can get the very best out of him by elevating to team leader status on the men’s side. João Silva has huge experience, Sergio Baxter Cabrera the benefit of youth, Valentin Wernz of being in form.

You wouldn’t look now and say title winners, but they should be considerably more competitive.

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