Jonas Schomburg Dreaming of Super League Triathlon and The Olympics To Stay Motivated

Jonas Schomburg at RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019

Jonas Schomburg says he is ‘dreaming big’ to keep himself on track during lockdown training.

Schmoburg has had to leave his normal training base in France to return to Germany to live with his family during lockdown.

A change of environment and a solo training regime can be challenging for any athlete, but in the latest edition of Super League’s Lockdown Lowdown, the 26-year-old revealed how he has kept himself going.

He said:

I’m back with the family now in Germany. Normally I would train in France. Training on my own.
Especially the hard speed sessions are quite hard.
Dream big (to stay motivated). Long time goals like the Olympics and Super League keep me going.

Shcomburg also revealed plenty more about himself – including his favourite movie (it’s a cartoon), and his nickname (it’s an animal).

He also had a humorous tale about rooming with Norwegian powerhouse Kristian Blummenfelt.
He joked:

I stayed with Kristian in a room for Super League.
He was drinking four cans of Red Bull and pumping up and listening to Mambo No 5.

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