Ben Kanute – Master Of Versatility

It’s a changing world, and to keep on top of your game you have to be able to adapt – one man that has shown consistent ability to ply his trade to any challenge is the USA’s Ben Kanute.

The Olympian and three-time National Champion has been on the Super League rollercoaster from the very start. In the 2018/19 Championship Series, he showed real class finishing a solid 7th place, earning automatic qualification to the 2019/20 series, and many plaudits along the way.

Super League is fast, punchy, and aggressive racing that leaves nothing out on the field – made for the best athletes in the world and testing every single ability they bring to the table. Ben has shown his aptitude for this kind of competition and is looking for even more success when the new series kicks off, but he has not stopped there.

Since wrapping up the SLT series, he has had a string of impressive results across the triathlon landscape. In the mould of the greats of our sport, he is showing that specialising in one distance may not be the key to success, but more utalising versatility and adaptability. One distance compliments another and pigeonholing yourself to one specific event is not the best way to find your maximum potential.

Since his success in Super League, Ben has won Ironman Oceanside (70.3), Bridgetown CAMTRI Sprint Triathlon American Cup (Sprint), St. Anthony’s Triathlon (Standard), and Escape From Alcatraz (Standard +). These are just the ones he’s won, he is lining up and racing the best in the world from sprint all the way up to 70.3 and bringing some of his magic to each event!

In Super League, you have to be a master of all to succeed – Ben’s success across the sport reflects in his consistent high placings in our series. He doesn’t put himself in a box but instead builds his own narrative around what he knows he can achieve.

We are expecting even bigger things as the season rolls on – Ben will go from strength to strength, and when the time comes to line up on the start line at RBC Super League Jersey we wouldn’t be surprised to see him forcing the action and looking for victory!

Ben Kanute

Age – 27
Nationality – United States of America
Height – 6’0”
Weight – 70kg
2018 season rank – 7
Swim performance – 7.9/10
Bike performance – 7.2/10
Run performance – 7.2/10
Transitions – 8.5/10
Execution scores – +1.0
SLT highlights – Consistent top 10 finishes throughout the series / 5th place finish – Singapore Grand Final

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