Alistair Brownlee Ready To Battle For Great Britain On Zwift

Alistair Brownlee is racing in the Super League Triathlon eSports Cycling Series on Zwift

Alistair Brownlee is hoping his experience on Zwift will help power Team Great Britain to victory in the opening race of the Super League Triathlon eSports Cycling Series.

The double Olympic gold medallist will lead a stellar GB team when the action gets underway live tonight at 7pm (BST).

Brownlee and rivals such as Kristian Blummenfelt and Henri Schoeman will be fighting it out on the London 8 Reverse route, and aiming to snatch the first pot of individual and team prize money as well as put their country top of the classification leaderboard.

Brownlee, who has taken to eSports during lockdown, said:

It’s a really great course. A Zwift classic because you go up Box Hill and see some serious numbers up there. There’s a bit of recovery on the way down and you can free wheel. On Zwift once you hit a certain speed you can stop pedalling, get off your bike, have a stretch and get back on if you want.
Once you are down you get into a rhythm on the London loop and finish up Box Hill.
I like the Box Hill one because it has a good, solid, five minute climb in and it’s really tough so I think that’s a good course for me.

He added:

It will be really good to race. I am relatively experienced in Zwift racing now and team tactics are a very difficult beast to get right so I’m not sure how much that will come into it.
It’s fun and we’ve all done quite a lot of racing together so we all know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

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