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A Super League Triathlon weekend is much more than simply professional racing, SLT also gives the best youth and juniors a chance to race on the same course as the professionals, develop their skills across the same weekend, and take that first step towards filling the professional ranks. There is no better way to learn your craft than to train and interact with the existing PROs, before racing the INTENSE and DYNAMIC formats that SLT has to offer. We will be watching the next generation of top triathletes, who will come out on top?

The youth and junior category is designed to prepare and develop young aspiring athletes who are part of their countries national triathlon programs. Athletes are able to showcase who they are and what they can do in short, aggressive, refined racing formats that will test their skill, cunning, and racing resolve. They’ll be taking on the best youth and junior athletes in the world, this is their time to shine!

For more information talk to your National Federation or contact us below to see if your National Federation has received an invitation to participate.


Youth and juniors on a typical SLT race weekend will experience one of the toughest formats that Super League offers – the ENDURO. The Enduro is considered the most brutal format of all. Requiring endurance and tactics, the ENDURO is a non-stop burst of swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run. The winner is the first across the line.

How to Enter

Youth Federations


Interview with Daniel Dixon – Youth Boy’s Winner Jersey

Interview with Marcus Dey – Junior Boy’s Winner Jersey


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