Super League Triathlon Singapore – More Than Just A Moment

“With Super League in Singapore, we hope to inspire more Singaporeans to challenge themselves through sports and get active. The elite athletes of Super League are fine examples of values such as determination, goal-setting, courage and passion.” Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth

Super League Triathlon (SLT) is about legacy, our events leave a footprint on a community to inspire future sporting success.

In Singapore, we worked hand in hand with Sport Singapore with a particular focus on their SportCares programme. We visited schools and attended community events to spread the message that sport is for everyone and accessible to anyone.

“It is great to have Super League here to join us in engaging the local community to share about social inclusiveness. They’ve brought with them energy and we hope that the children will learn a thing or two from their experience today.” Irwan Sahrul – SportCares Manager

We saw over 40 participants from SportCares participating in our Fun Run on Saturday. The event brought together different segments of the community and encouraged everyone to take up an active and healthy lifestyle.

“I’ve been involved with SportCares for four/five years, but have never taken part in an event such as the Fun Run. It is a great opportunity to try something I’ve never done before and I am glad the children that we are working with is able to get this opportunity too.” Zaleha Ahmad – PPIS Student Care Centre

The Fun Run was flagged off by members of Team NILA, a national volunteer movement that encourages the culture of giving, active citizenry and social cohesion. In commemoration of their 4th birthday (24 February), 50 Team NILA volunteers, attired in the iconic purple, got the run started.

“I’ve been involved with Team NILA since it started 4 years ago. Since starting out during the Youth Olympics, I have had the chance to participate in many events where I helped out with the sport logistics team. It is an honour to be part of this event to celebrate our 4th birthday.” Koh H K (Team NILA Member) 

Minister Grace Fu understands how sports can be an important platform to encourage individuals to be active and bring people of different backgrounds together. This was why she participated in the Team Enduro event alongside Thaslim Hajanajubudeen from SportCares and Team Singapore athlete Lee Mei Shuang.

“This event gave us a goal, each of us individually, and also as a team. It also gave me a real deep understanding of what triathletes go through and has inspired me to learn more about the sport.” Minister Grace Fu

Super League Triathlon has certainly inspired the children and community members to follow their passions and dreams. #IAMSUPERLEAGUE

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