Singapore Event Week | The #SUPERWRAP for the day | 21.2.19

It’s the Thursday before race weekend and our athletes were out early getting in their crucial training sessions to hone their form. For the best athletes in the world, nothing is left to chance so these final moments before the Championship Finale are vital to executing on the big stage.

“In the best years of my career, what helped me is consistent training. Nothing extraordinary day in or day out; it’s just that constant training.” Jonny Brownlee

The Next Generation

In the morning, SLT travelled with a group of athletes to visit local and international schools and community centres. Despite a heavy training schedule, Jonny Brownlee, Yuko Takahashi, Jayden Schofield, and Summer Rappaport, were pumped to attend Dover Court International School and spend time with students on the running track, conducting a series of running drills.

Summer enjoyed the enthusiasm on display from the children, commenting;

“It was great to spend time with the kids. They were all really interested in triathlon and excited to get involved in the drills. It’s always special to be able to support the next generation of athletes.”

Chris Short, the Principle of Dover Court, was on hand to underline how essential visits like this are for the students and their future.

“Like most schools, we have quite a heavy emphasis on sport, but a visit like this gives inspiration and an insight into how hard it is to train to be a top-level sportsperson. To get it from the horse’s mouth is very special.”

Great thing is, the fun doesn’t stop there! The school has three teams going head-to-head in the Team Enduro Experience! There are some hard working, hard training, and very excited teachers who cannot wait for the rubber to meet the road.

“We are very excited, we’ve been coming to school early, training on the track, and using the pool. We had an Aquathlon last weekend as a warm-up race, so we’re super prepared.” Sophie King & Joanna Harris

The children’s involvement in the SLT Championship Finale will also continue over the weekend as they will be the ones forming a guard of honour and walking our pro athletes out with their bikes to transition!

Today alone the SLT athletes spent time with over a 1,000 local and international students!

ActiveSG Bishan Sports Centre

“Sport is not just for sport’s sake, it teaches you lessons you can use for the rest of your life.” Tyler Mislawchuk

Super League athletes, Erin Storie and Tyler Mislawchuk took some time out in the evening to visit Sport Singapore, focusing especially on their on their SportCares programme.

“Singapore Sport Institute is part of the national sports organisation called Sport Singapore and our mandate is to help people live better through sport.” Peggy Tng – Deputy Director of the Singapore Sport Institute

SportCares is a national movement with a mission to empower children at risk to live their lives through sport, helping them build confidence, build character, and have fun.

“We use sports to empower young people; people with disabilities, as well as elderly people. Our coaches do a tremendous job instilling self-discipline and confidence in children through the activities we run.” Irwan Sahrul – SportCares Manager

The organisation had brought together a group of over 40 children to meet the athletes, take part in some exercise based games, and to spend time building relationships with the triathletes. It was incredibly touching to see these two elite performers taking the time to laugh, play, and inspire a group of children who, before today, may not have ever seen a triathlete in person.

Erin was a natural with the group of 7-11-year-olds; she saw the impact the time was having on the children and really understood the benefit of sport to all aspects of life.

“It was a lot of fun, it’s exciting to see the future of our sport, and see the local community. Hopefully, they’ll come out and see the race and maybe it’ll help motivate them to continue their education and use sport for the rest of their lives.”

Sport Singapore and SportCares involvement in the Championship Finale hasn’t come to an end yet. Many of the children will be running our fun run with their coaches, and the organisation itself have entered two teams into the Team Enduro Experience – one of which is led by Grace Fu – Minister for Culture, Community and Youth. Keep an eye out for the children as they will be wearing their bright orange shirts!

Peggy Tng left us with one final thought as we departed;

“We want to build an inclusive society, where anyone who loves sport has access to sports character building programmes. The children were so excited to meet these triathletes, they inspire ordinary people, and kids love to have role models. After interacting with them today, these kids will understand anyone can be a champion – it’s just a case of pushing your limits.”

With that we returned to ONE°15 Marina and Sentosa Cove; the athletes will be taking care of their recovery and preparing for the final day of training tomorrow. Stay tuned in as the tension builds towards race weekend!

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