Super League’s Equalizer format Brings Biking To The Fore At Super League Malta

Biking is set to come back to the fore as the Equalizer returns for Super League Malta.

With the bikes remaining indoors for RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey due to the high winds, it was left to the best swim-runners to enjoy their day out on the course.

But the focus is set to turn back two wheels for the second stop of the 2019/20 Championship Series in Malta on 19-20 October.

While Saturday’s Semi-Finals stay as two rounds of continuous swim-bike-run for the entire Series, the rotating formats for Sunday’s Final see the return of the Equalizer.

An individual discipline is selected – in this case the bike – which the athletes will race as a standalone event over 3.5 laps, called an Individual Time Trial (ITT).

Five minutes after the finish of the the ITT, athletes are then set off based on their finish times in a pursuit style to tackle a Shortened Enduro, which is a continuous swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run as in the Semi-Finals.

So, for example, if second place in the ITT finishes five seconds behind the winner, they start the Shortened Enduro five seconds after the leader.

Eliminations continue at the back of the field with the last athlete after each discipline facing the axe with the 90 seconds rule also in play, while the Short Chute will be available for the winners of the each of the four Semi-Final Groups – two men and two women.

With Malta’s notoriously difficult bike circuit featuring hills and technical descents, the pressure is really going to be on the athletes to produce their very best.

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