Super League Malta 2019: Men’s Start-List

South African duo Richard Murray and Henri Schoeman are back and ready to shake things up for Super League Malta 2019.

Both Murray and Schoeman were forced to sit out the 2019/20 Championship Series opener at RBC Super League Jersey which saw Vincent Luis continue his domination with a win.

But previous winner Murray and last year’s Series runner-up Schoeman enter the mix for Malta.

It looks like being a fascinating weekend with the likes of Kristian Blummenfelt, Hayden Wilde, Gustav Iden and Marten Van Riel among the stellar names on the start line.

There is also a place for Simon Henseleit, the young German who won the Junior race in Jersey but was unable to take his place in the men’s Final that weekend.

Those wearing the coloured jerseys are:

Pink: Vincent Luis

Blue: Aiden Longcroft Harris

Green: Hayden Wilde

Red: Aaron Royle

Grey: Kristian Blummenfelt

  1. Vincent Luis
  2. Henri Schoeman
  3. Tyler Mislawchuk
  4. Richard Murray
  5. Leo Bergere
  6. Ben Kanute
  7. Hayden Wilde
  8. Jonas Schomburg
  9. Pierre Le Corre
  10. Aurelian Raphael
  11. Anthony Pujades
  12. Igor Polyanskiy
  13. Christopher Perham
  14. Dmitry Polyanskiy
  15. Aiden Longcroft-Harris
  16. Michael Arishita
  17. Marten Van Riel
  18. Matthew Hauser
  19. Kristian Blummenfelt
  20. Gustav Iden
  21. Vasco Vilaca
  22. Csongor Lehmann
  23. Constantine Doherty
  24. Oliver Turner
  25. Roberto Sanchez Mantecon
  26. Dorian Coninx
  27. Aaron Royle
  28. Simon Henseleit
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