Inspiring Youth Through Sport: School Outreach In Malta

Certain moments transcend sports, and the opportunity to inspire and engage with a new generation does exactly that. When our athletes visited two schools near the race course, it was clear how much it meant to the students as they asked questions of our superstars and listened to them talk about the importance of hard work and having a passion for whatever you aspire to become.

Erin Storie and João Pereira visited the students of Saint Margret College in Vittoriosa, whilst Desirae Ridenour and Jayden Schofield went to Bormla Primary School. Without question, the founding principle of Super League Triathlon (SLT) has always been to inspire and engage the local communities that host us, with a particular emphasis on the younger generation.

The students asked questions like “what hobbies do you have?” and “are you allowed to have sweets in your diet?” – Trying to get some insights into the life of a pro triathlete. Erin explained that triathlon was undoubtedly her main hobby, but she also enjoyed hiking and watching movies, whilst João admitted that even though he has to be careful, he does allow himself some sweets once in a while! Better hope his nutritional coach wasn’t listening…

The students faces lit up as following the question and answer session, they got the chance to mingle with the athletes and spend some time connecting with the stars they are so looking forward to watching race over the weekend.

Hon. Dr. Clifton Grima, Government of Malta Parliamentary Secretary for Youths, Sport and Voluntary Organisations, was also in attendance to see first-hand what sort of impact this kind of outreach can have.

“When you see the world-renowned athletes here in the schools with the children it is something marvellous, it shows that sport is important, not just on the physical aspect but even on the social aspect. The way that it is there as a target for our children in order to be able to dream to reach new heights — I mean that is really something fantastic.”

Dr. Clifton Grima

SLT would like to thank the schools that allowed us the opportunity to come and meet the amazing students of Malta. Surely the future of Maltese sport is in safe hands judging by the enthusiasm and level of engagement on display from these amazing young people.

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