Super League Mallorca: The Sprint Enduro Stage 2 Finals, Women’s – The Short Chute To Victory For Spivey

UNPREDICTABLE RACING! That is what Super League Triathlon is all about, and that is exactly what we just saw out on course.

Lead changes throughout, with edge of your seat racing right up until the final lap of the final run.

With an elite field of qualifiers from this mornings heats it was time to decide who would be the winner of the Sprint Enduro. Swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run with no break would see our world class performers pushed to the very edge of ability!

Kirsten Kasper took an early lead on the swim building a gap onto the bike. Katie Zaferes took it upon herself to try to bridge the gap pulling the field back up, and they were all back together by the second lap.

Going into T2 Zaferes hit the deck landing hard on her shoulder, the champion was down, was she out? She had to work especially hard through the run, but managed to bring it all back together by the start of the second swim. Zaferes is the model professional athlete, does she ever panic? Does she ever lose composure? If she does, we are yet to see it.

At this point Kasper and Spivey both had their Short Chute’s in the locker from this morning’s heats, as they had both won their individual races, but when would they implement as they were only allowed to use it on the run?

Kasper led the second swim coming out in the lead for a second time, only Zaferes was able to bridge the gap on the second bike as the two Americans shared the lead. A group formed going into the final run, but it was Spivey who attacked building a slight lead.

Spivey didn’t take her Short Chute on the first lap, but Kasper did, and took the lead. Could she hold on until the end? Or would Spivey manage the gap and use her Short Chute to take the win?

It came down to the final lap with Kasper still leading when Spivey took her Short Chute on the final corner blasting to the front of the race. It was now a sprint to the line with both Spivey and Kasper giving their all to try to take the win.

Spivey gave it everything into the final corner, and held off a fast moving Kasper to take a well earned victory. Zaferes, having hit the deck earlier in the race, finished third, proving she is a worthy champion, and worthy series leader.

Spivey was pleased with her day, and pleased to be part of such an exciting finale.

“That was so hard, it was really exciting, and the Short Chute mixed it up, but gave me a real advantage today. I didn’t feel too strong at all throughout the race, but towards the end of the bike I could tell the other girls were hurting. I saved the Short Chute until the last lap as I knew I wanted to give them minimal time to chase.”

Kasper was tired but pleased with what she had achieved after a tough weekend of racing. 

“I’m feeling pretty tired, but proud of my effort, and pleased to come away with second. It was a really exciting race to be in, and a great way to end the season.”

Zaferes had shown real class managing a difficult situation and not feeling great pre-race to finish third and maintain her championship lead.

“I felt pretty terrible before the race, and I knew Kirsten and Taylor were going to be really fierce competitors. I was actually pretty happy with how I did although I think I misjudged the Short Chute. I gave it my all, and happy to come away with second. I was lucky on the crash to bounce back up so quickly.”

With a second place in yesterday’s Triple Mix, and a first place in today’s Sprint Enduro, Taylor Spivey from the USA is the overall winner for Super League Triathlon Mallorca.

Katie Zaferes took the victory in yesterday’s Triple Mix, but managed a third in today’s Sprint Enduro. Meaning she takes the second spot for the weekend.

Kirsten Kasper rounds off the podium for the weekend’s racing.

After three Championship Rounds (Jersey, Malta, and Mallorca) we have a clear leader in the championship standings. Katie Zaferes, despite not being on top of the podium this weekend, leads the field with the most points collectively.

What a weekend of racing for our women. SLT is here, and making waves all over the world!

Women’s Sprint Enduro – Stage 2 Result:

  1. Taylor Spivey (USA)
  2. Kirsten Kasper (USA)
  3. Katie Zaferes (USA)

Super League Mallorca Women’ Result:

  1. Taylor Spivey (USA)
  2. Katie Zaferes (USA)
  3. Kirsten Kasper (USA)

Overall Standings:

  1. Katie Zaferes (USA) 71 pts
  2. Kirsten Kasper (USA) 54 pts
  3. Rachel Klamer (USA) 40 pts
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