Super League Mallorca: The Sprint Enduro Stage 2 Finals, Men’s – A Luis Brownlee Duel For The Ages

DO NOT LOOK AWAY, EVER! Just when we thought the women’s race could not be rivalled, it was time for the men to finish their weekend. The pace was high from the start, with tactical racing, and a final run worthy of being up there with one of the greatest triathlon finales of all time!

Vincent Luis led out of the first swim with Henri Schoeman, unusually, off the back. A leading pack quickly formed on the bike consisting of Luis, Schoeman, Ben Kanute, Jonny Brownlee, and Marten Van Riel. Hayden Wilde had dropped time in the swim, and was chasing solo behind Richard Murray and Leo Bergere.

Brownlee attacked on the first run, building a small gap, but was reeled back in before the second swim. The lead group were back together as they entered the water.

Both Luis and Brownlee had their Short Chutes in the locker carried through from the heats. In this format they’re only allowed to use these on the run, so it would all come down to when they implemented.

Luis held the lead as the group left the water for the second time, with Schoeman, Brownlee and Van Riel chasing. At this point it became clear Kanute had pulled out of the race with injury.

The group stuck together on the bike coming into transition as a leading four.

As soon as the final run began Brownlee attacked building a small lead. He took his Short Chute on the first lap putting even more time into Luis. Brownlee now had to hold the lead until the finish, putting enough time into Luis to negate the Short Chute Luis was yet to take.

On the final lap of the run Luis took his Short Chute taking a narrow lead over Brownlee, and put in a surge of his own.

You could see the effort painted all over both men’s faces as they chased for the line, but it was Luis who held on for the win. Brownlee was close behind, and Schoeman took the third spot on the podium.

Despite finishing third on the day, Schoeman was pleased with how his weekend had shaken out.

“I’m really happy with the way it turned out. Coming into the race not at 100% I was not at all confident, but to be able to finish where I did I’m pretty excited about that. I really felt the effects of being ill today, at the start of the swim I was pretty much last, and had to pick my way through. I was really struggling. My foot slipped out three times getting onto the bike so I got to the top of the first hill last, I was just thinking, this is not my day.”

Brownlee didn’t get the result he wanted going into the final, but was aware of his place in one of the most exciting finishes of all time.

 “It was hard, but it was just great fun. Probably one of the most exciting races I have ever been involved in. I felt good, and I was hoping to be one of the least tired people. I realised at the end the only card I had to play against Vincent was to take the Short Chute early, surprise him, get a gap, and go as hard as I could. That’s what I did, and he was still better than me. When I took the Short Chute I knew I had about three minutes left of the season so I decided to make them count. I wasn’t going to look back until I turned at the far end, and when I looked back I hoped I’d have a gap, but I didn’t.”

Luis was quick to point out how hard the race had been, and how much he’d had to put into it.

“That was a tough race, I had to focus on Henri and Jonny, and Jonny was really strong. He played his card, taking the Short Chute early, and when he did I knew it was full gas until the end. I still have a good kick, so with 300m to go I went full gas, and he couldn’t catch me. I thought to myself, he played his card, so now I will play mine.”

Men’s Sprint Enduro – Stage 2 Result:

  1. Vincent Luis (FRA)
  2. Jonny Brownlee (GBR)
  3. Henri Schoeman (RSA)

With a second place in yesterday’s Triple Mix, and a first place in today’s Sprint Enduro, Vincent Luis from France is the overall winner for Super League Triathlon Mallorca. Henri Schoeman took the victory in yesterday’s Triple Mix, but managed a third in today’s Sprint Enduro. Meaning he takes the second spot for the weekend. Jonny Brownlee rounds off the podium for the weekend’s racing.

Super League Mallorca Men’s Result:

  1. Vincent Luis (FRA)
  2. Henri Schoeman (RSA)
  3. Jonny Brownlee (GBR)

After three Championship Rounds (Jersey, Malta, and Mallorca) we have a clear leader in the championship standings. Vincent Luis, has topped the podium each of our Championship Weekends so far. The French invasion of the men’s field continues.

Overall Standings

  1. Vincent Luis (FRA) 75 Points
  2. Henri Schoeman (RSA) 63 Points
  3. Richard Murray (RSA) 48 Points

Another fantastic weekend of racing from Super League Triathlon. Next stop Singapore, 23-24 February 2019! Don’t miss it for one moment.

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