Semi-Final slot draw drama at RBC Super League Jersey 2019

There was excitement aplenty as the athletes for RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019 learned their semi-final draws in dramatic fashion.

Defending champions Vincent Luis and Katie Zaferes stood in front of a cinema full of their opponents and made the draws to decide who would line-up against who to try and make it into Sunday’s final.

Luis was up first and drew himself in Group A alongside the likes of Marten Van Riel, Kristian Blummenfelt and Mario Mola. Local favourites Ollie Turner, from Jersey, and Josh Lewis, from Guernsey, were also drawn together. Group B features some of the fastest swimmers in the sport.

In the women’s, Katie Zaferes drew herself in Group A alongside rival Cassandre Beaugrand and Vicky Holland, who the American succeeded as WTS champion. Group B was again packed with top swimmers.

The draw was made with the Ranked Athletes from last year’s top tens drawn first and split evenly between the two groups before the Wildcards and Qualifiers were then drawn at random. The athletes were then left to pick their own pontoon spots for the swim start based on their seedings.

The top five men and top five women from each Group will make it through to Sunday’s Final, along with the five fastest other athletes.

The Semi-Finals will be raced over the shortened Enduro format with a swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run. Sunday’s final is the Enduro with three back-to-back swim-bike-runs.

Men Semi-Finals – Group A

  1. Tyler Mislawchuk
  2. Leo Bergere
  3. Vincent Luis
  4. Matthew Sharpe
  5. Marten Van Riel
  6. Kristian Blummenfelt
  7. Michael Arishita
  8. Sylvain Fridelance
  9. Vasco Vilaca
  10. Igor Polyanskiy
  11. Mario Mola
  12. Oliver Turner
  13. Joshua Lewis
  14. Pierre Le Corre

Men Semi-Finals – Group B

  1. Jonathan Brownlee
  2. Hayden Wilde
  3. Ben Kanute
  4. Jonas Schomburg
  5. Matt Hauser
  6. Aiden Longcroft-Harris
  7. Aurelien Raphael
  8. Anthony Pujades
  9. Dorian Coninx
  10. Chris Perham
  11. Constantine Doherty
  12. Gustav Iden
  13. Aaron Royle
  14. Simon Henseleit (Junior Boy’s champion)

Women Semi-Finals – Group A

  1. Yuko Takahashi
  2. Katie Zaferes
  3. Taylor Spivey
  4. Cassandre Beaugrand
  5. Emilie Morier
  6. Vittoria Lopes
  7. Kerry Morris
  8. Claudie Simard
  9. Sandra Dodet
  10. Ilaria Zane
  11. Felicity Sheedy-Ryan
  12. Annamaria Mazzetti
  13. Vicky Holland

Women Semi-Finals – Group B

  1. Emma Jeffcoat
  2. Summer Rappaport
  3. Rachel Klamer
  4. Leonie Periault
  5. Alice Betto
  6. Olivia Mathias
  7. Zsanett Bragmayer
  8. Georgia Taylor-Brown
  9. Sophie Coldwell
  10. Carolina Routier
  11. Megan Foley
  12. Luisa Baptista
  13. Selina Klamt (Junior Girl’s champion)
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