Macca’s Predictions: RBC Super League Jersey – The Men

Super League Triathlon is back and promises to be more competitive, closely fought and thrilling than ever before.

The best triathletes in the world have arrived for RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019 ready to prove to the crowds on the ground and a global TV audience that they are the number one.

Trying to pick a winner out of such stellar fields is too hard a task for most mere mortals, so we have enlisted an expert to help.

Super League co-founder Chris McCormack is the fourtime triathlon World Champion.

We asked ‘Macca’ for his leading picks in the men’s field for RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019.

Vincent Louis

Vincent showed last year that this is his style of racing. He was flawless, displayed great discipline, multiple strengths and raw finishing power. They all combine to make him the favourite to win again in Jersey.

He is the newly crowned World Champion of the sport of triathlon, having secured the title in Switzerland just over a month ago.

Vincent is the athlete to beat, and it will take a monumental performance to dethrone him as he bids to defend his Super League trophy.

Gustav Iden

The newly crowned Ironman 70.3 World Champion is the youngest ever athlete to hold this title, and with incredible foot speed – which also powered him to fourth in the Grand Final in Switzerland – and a constantly moving forward racing mindset, he is an athlete his opponents must mark.

His only Achilles heel in this form of racing may be the intensity of the pace and the consequential eliminations that come with mistakes.

He has the talent to be at the front, he has the horsepower to win, but the question remains that as an athlete who has never raced these formats and this style before, does he have the racing head to deliver a wining move when it matters?

Jonny Brownlee

Jonny has started to come into some really solid form since the final event of the last Super League season in Singapore where he captured a race win in the heat of Asia.

He has been a little unlucky this year in his racing, with a few transitional errors and just a couple of positioning mistakes costing him dearly in the big races in terms of pushing for the win.

His pedigree is indisputable, and his experience now in this style of racing is a strength.

I expect to see a better Jonny Brownlee than we saw last year, and a focused athlete who will target these events in his preparation to grab the only coloured Olympic medal he doesn’t own – a gold – which he sees every time he visits the home of his brother Alistair who has won the last two. A class athlete with a perfect ride of form.

Henri Schoeman

These dynamic and tight formats suit Henri and his racing style.

His swim is the best in the field and set up his racing.

The tight Jersey streets give him the advantage of riding the technical demands of this course better than most.

He has such a balanced racing style but is an athlete that relies heavily on paced rhythm to win events.

He has fallen short multiple times in sprint finishes over these distances and must unlatch himself from this to have the best chance of success.

So close to winning the Super League title last year, I think this season he comes in with a refined focus and a much clearer perspective on what he needs to do to climb one step higher on the podium.

Kristian Blummenfelt

One of the most popular athletes on the racing circuit, not so much for what he says, but for what he does.

The biggest athlete in the field, Kristian races with heart and is always moving forward with a complete disregard of tactics or strategy.

His strength is his strength. He can generate power in excess of 500 watts for long periods of time which make his bike such a powerful weapon in this style of racing. Add to this his incredible foot speed, and he is an athlete who can win from anywhere.

Without question the best downhill runner in the field, this Jersey course opens up the slight downhill sections on the back at ‘Hot Corner’ and will see his leg speed come into its own.

Also, the ability for Kristian to accelerate off the dead turns makes the new dual 180 degree turns on the new run course a big advantage for the Norwegian.

It’s going to be an exciting weekend! Check out the startlists here and how the weekend’s format of racing will go here.

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