7 Reasons To Join In The Fun In Jersey

RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019 will offer one of the greatest spectacles in sport as the world’s best athletes battle it out over a weekend of thrilling racing – but if that isn’t enough then there are even more reasons to make the trip across the Channel.

Whether you are a triathlon fan, a competitor or even just looking for a break with a difference, Jersey offers everything you could want.

The fresh sea air, beautiful climate, stunning scenery and ease of travel make it an amazing destination for a revitalising break…and that’s before we add in the small matter of Super League, which returns to Jersey on the weekend of 28-29 September.

So, if you are wavering, let us convince you with the top seven reasons you should press book and join us in Jersey.


With 36 daily flights and only one hour average flight time from the UK, you’ll be there quicker than it takes for Jonny Brownlee to consume his 750-calorie daily breakfast. Served by 20+ UK and European Airports, only 12 daily flights from London and Daily ferries from UK and France it’s easy to join in the Super League action.

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Whatever your age or fitness level, from newbie to weekend warrior, anyone can be a champion this year. Super League has changed the game and given Age Groupers the chance to compete over a range of distances, from sprint races for novices through to the amazing Enduro swim-bike-run format. There are even relay options available so you can compete in a team and tackle the swim, bike and run between you. Gear up for a thrilling weekend of racing to keep your heart pounding from start to finish.

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Escape to an island where you can come up for air and feel free to revitalise. From the wild heights of Jersey’s north coast to the lunar landscapes uncovered by low tide, Jersey is a natural playground for athletes of all levels. With 24 beaches and 300 miles of trails, Jersey’s a mecca for sporting events and activities – with a reputation for being one of the most pulse-raising destinations in the British Isles.

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Our social feeds are full of friends announcing their latest big city marathon or sporting challenge… been there, done that, got the running shirt? If you truly want to conquer somewhere different, Jersey offers a unique location for those seeking adventure. No stresses on whether you’ll get into a ballot. No being sardined on the tube en route to the race start. No long queues for the toilet.

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When was the last time your heart sung? Retreat to an island where you can feel free to energise in the elements as fresh sea air fills you with love for each present moment. The answer for modern wellness is Jersey’s natural playground. Our infinity pool? Plemont Bay. Our yoga studio? Portelet Beach. Need oxygen therapy? Come up for air on the soaring cliffs of Grosnez. The surf is lapping, sunsets are burning, and your soul is singing. Retreat to the island of rediscovery.

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Super League’s VIP travel package gives you the FULL pro experience. Not only will you race on the same course as the pros, but you will also stay in the same hotel, rubbing shoulders with the world’s elite in the best seats in the island to watch the champions cross the finish line. Did we mention the unlimited bar to toast the winners? With the entire hotel reserved by Super League for the pros and VIPs, this is the closest you can get to Super League.

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You needn’t be a triathlete to embrace the power of Super League Triathlon. The island break is the perfect retreat for everyone to revitalise and come up for air. Follow the action-packed drama and take advantage of the still-warm days to see every side of the island with The Victory Lap. Discover where to revitalise, refuel and recover with special offers and unique experiences from partners ONLY available in race week!

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You can plan even more details for your trip at Jersey.com

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