Paratriathlon Stars Put On A Show At SLT Arena Games

George Peasgood Paratriathlon SLT Arena Games Super League Triathlon

The stars of paratriathlon put on a stunning show as some of them raced for the first time in 18 months at the SLT Arena Games Powered by Zwift.

The likes of Jetze Plat, Claire Cashmore and Dave Ellis took the gold medals as paratriathlon joined the Super League Triathlon family for the first time at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.

Claire Cashmore Paratriathlon SLT Arena Games Super League Triathlon

Male and female athletes across PTWC, PTS4, PTS5 and PTVI did battle over a 300m swim, a 10km bike and 2km run in the Aquatics Centre.

The PTWC category was dominated by Dutch Paralympic gold medallist Jetze Plat, who secured a three minute victory with his power on his handbike topping 300w throughout. Fellow Dutch star Margret Ijdema was the female champion.

Jetze Plat Paratriathlon SLT Arena Games Super League Triathlon

There was a good battle for first place in the PTS4 men’s division with Britain’s Michael Taylor taking the honours ahead of Joe Kurt.

Two of the best in the world fought it out in the female PTS5 with Claire Cashmore getting the better of Lauren Steadman as she returned to racing after injury while George Peasgood was dominant in the men’s.

Lauren Steadman Paratriathlon SLT Arena Games Super League Triathlon

Alison Peasgood edged Melissa Reid by 20 seconds in the PTVI category while Dave Ellis was victorious in the men’s.

The event also featured a team element, with British Triathlon splitting the athletes into equally weighted teams across multiple categories.

The team featuring Finley Jakes, Claire Cashmore, Oscar Kelly, Marget Ijdema and Jetze Plat took the honours.


PTS4 – Male

  1. Michael Taylor (GB) 0:29:28
  2. Joe Kurt (Lux) 0:30:26
  3. Alejandro Sanchez Palomero (Spain) 0:30:30
  4. Finley Jakes (GB) 0:32:26
  5. Nico van der Bergt (Ned) 0:32:33

PTS5 – Female:

  1. Claire Cashmore (GB) 0:30:20
  2. Lauren Steadman (GB) 0:30:46

PTS5 – Male:

  1. George Peasgood (GB) 0:26:58
  2. Jairo Ruiz Lopez (Spain) 0:28:17

PTVI – Female:

  1. Alison Peasgood (GB) 0:30:53
  2. Melissa Reid (GB) 0:32:13

PTVI – Male:

  1. Dave Ellis (GB) 0:27:10
  2. Hector Catala (Spain) 0:27:55
  3. Oscar Kelly (GB) 0:30:43
  4. Nicolas Dewalque (Belgium) 0:37:36

PTWC – Female:

  1. Margret Ijdema (Ned) 0:27:06

PTWC – Male:

  1. Jetze Plat (Ned) 0:19:09
  2. Geert Schipper (Ned) 0:22:22
  3. Joshua Landmann (GB) 0:24:28
  4. Brendan Bischoff (Ned) 0:24:51

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