Lucy Charles-Barclay Relishing Short Course Triathlon Debut with Super League

Lucy Charles-Barclay Super League Triathlon SLT Arena Games Powered by Zwift

Lucy Charles-Barclay says she is “throwing herself in at the deep end” by choosing the SLT Arena Games Powered by Zwift for her short course debut.

Britain’s top long course triathlete is one of the main focuses of attention as racing hits London this weekend.

Charles-Barclay is a multiple winner of long course races around the world and a three-time runner-up at the Ironman World Championship, but now she is ready to tackle the shortest and fastest race format of them all.

How To Watch The SLT Arena Games

She said: “I’m definitely someone who loves a challenge. I love to throw myself in at the deep end. For a long time I have wanted to see if I could do the short course racing and see how I stack up against those top girls on the ITU circuit and this is going to give me the opportunity to find out. I want to see how I fare against them and give it my all.

“Super League is rocketing the sport into the future. Triathlon is such a big sport but not really as watched as it should be.

“Super League is making it exciting. There’s so much going on. It’s brutal. It’s quick moving and it’s something in the future I think we could have big crowds watching it and enjoying and supporting triathlon.”

Charles-Barclay’s triathlon journey is an unusual one, having skipped the traditional short course entry point and headed straight for the long distance stuff.

“I’m not a typical triathlete,” she joked. “I came into the sport from a swimming background and came straight into long course rather than short course so I am doing it all backwards in a weird way.

“I do feel from doing the long course I have such a big engine I can apply that to what I’m doing and my swim background means there is speed in there I can tap into and build. I feel like I have all the components to be good at short course but I haven’t put them all together yet.

“I would like to think that by the time we get to round three my endurance is going to help me out. I am used to racing for over eight hours so I should be ready to go again on that third round.”

Ironman world champion Anne Haug at SLT Arena Games for Super League Triathlon

Charles-Barlcay’s participation in London has sparked speculation that she may make a permanent switch to short course racing with an eye on the Olympics in 2024. She wants that Konas title first, and then hinted it could happen.

She said: “I can’t rule out Kona. I need to win that race, so I hope I can win it in the next few years and I could focus on the short course for a while. I just love racing. Anyone who watched me race I hope they can see even when I’m hurting I love what I am doing.”

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