Race Formats

Our unique SLT formats are condensed, unpredictable and challenging, requiring athletes to race hard, think smart and constantly fight for the win to score valuable SLT points.

Race Rules

TIE BREAKER – In the case of a tiebreaker in the League Rankings, the Athlete with the best result in the FINAL RACE of the Season will finish ahead of the other Athletes in the League rankings.

90 SECOND RULE – Competitors must also be aware of the 90 second rule which will keep them on their toes at all times! During a stage, any athlete behind by 90 seconds or more will be eliminated! The exact time or position of this elimination may vary ROUND per ROUND depending on the actual design of the course.

SHORT CHUTE – Is an earned advantage equivalent to bonus seconds but physically taken in the race. The time of taking the short chute is a tactical decision by the athlete.

Triple Mix


Throwing the traditional swim-bike-run sequence out the window the Triple Mix shuffles the disciplines over three stages. Tactics for survival are fierce and athletes are eliminated from the race if they fall more than 90 seconds behind. Mistakes in this format are costly and the fight to stay in the race will be the focus. Nothing will be left on the course!



300M Swim – 4KM Bike – 1.6KM Run
(10 min. break)



1.6KM Run – 4KM Bike – 300M Swim
(10 min. break)



4KM Bike – 300M Swim – 1.6KM Run





Want to see how quickly these athletes can go solo with no drafting or pacing help then the Equalizer is for you – favouring those with an aptitude for individual efforts Stage 1 consists of an all out solo TT, but in which discipline? The times taken here will set the scene and provide gaps for Stage 2.

Athletes who post good individual times in Stage 1 will be fighting hard to stay away from a charging main field over the SWIM-BIKE-RUN-SWIM-BIKE-RUN of Stage 2. Fast pack swimmers, bikers and runners will be battling to come through the field while those with a time advantage give their all to stay out front. The Equalizer will see the playing field levelled and racing in its purest form!


Stage 1 – Time Trial

Individual Time Trial


Stage 2 – Non-Stop

Enduro Style Racing

300M Swim – 4KM Bike – 1.6KM Run – 300M Swim – 4KM Bike – 1.6KM Run


Stay tuned. New events coming soon!

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