The Super League Qualifier Series is the second tier of the Super League Championship Series that allows every professional and elite athlete worldwide a clear pathway to entry into the Championship Series.

Super League is the gold standard of professional triathlon racing and the most prestigious and valuable series for every triathlete on Earth. With the biggest TV and content distribution in the history of endurance sport and a growing international prize purse that is already the largest amount in the history of triathlon racing, this is the one series every athlete aspires to qualify for. Twenty-five of the best male and female athletes will race the Championship Series events within a season for prize money and series money.

At the end of each season, the top ten male and female athletes will receive a contract for the following year, with all expenses paid to compete in Championship Series events and a substantial and transparent Series/Contract fee. The remaining 15 athletes are invited back into the the Qualifier Series if they wish to earn a contract for the following year. These athletes have to fight their way back into the Championship Series against new and returning athletes.

Each event in the Qualifier Series will offer a set number of direct qualification slots to the Championship Series. Super League Triathlon offers ten (10) contracts at their qualifier races globally, and also offers five (5) wildcard spots for athletes at Super League Triathlon’s absolute discretion. It is a simple yet cutthroat process that requires athletes to meet a set standard and achieve a cumulative finish position at our qualification events to gain their golden ticket to the Super League Championship Series for the following year.

Athletes looking to gain entry into the Championship Series must compete in a Qualifier Series event. There is no limit to how many Qualifier Series events an athlete can compete in. 

Professional athletes from any federation, nationality, or standard are welcome and Super League Triathlon welcomes athletes from diverse walks of life.

This system guarantees an influx of new talent through relegation and promotion into the Championship Series in a league structure, and also ensures high-level competition among Championship Series athletes. It also protects athletes from over-governance and perceived limitations, ensuring a transparent and clear pathway to stardom.


Who can enter a Qualifier Series event?

All professional or elite athletes and juniors with racing licenses from their national federation are eligible for entry. If there is no federation-led licensing program in their nation, athletes from countries lacking a licensing program must contact Super League Triathlon directly for assessment of eligibility. At their sole discretion, Super League will approve every athlete that meets the criteria to compete.

Professional athletes entering the Qualifier Series events will be contacted by Super League Triathlon to confirm their entry and prepare their racing uniforms for the event. Like the Championship Series, athletes racing in the qualifier event will race in a customized racing uniform that is delivered as part of their entry fee.


What is the process of qualifying in a Qualifier Series event?

The qualification process will involve multiple days of racing on tight circuits with draft-legal racing in similar formats as our Championship Series. Super League Triathlon will work with each Super League Qualifier hosting venue to determine the formats that will be raced at that event. These may differ at each Qualifier Series event globally but will all be in line with the Super League principles. ITU equipment rules will apply in all formats excluding the Equalizer where TT bikes will be permitted for Stage 1, the time trial.

Qualification rules for each event will be sent to each registered athlete prior to the start of the event. There is no limitation to professional field size. Depending on the professional start field size and given the tight and technical courses, athletes will be eliminated on a day-by-day basis.

At Super League Penticton 2018, the top four male and female athletes will earn their golden ticket into next year’s Championship Series. This contract gives them the elusive slot among the top 25 athletes globally racing the Championship Series.

Athletes who win golden tickets and qualify for the series will be required to sign their Championship Series contracts and to work alongside Super League Triathlon media team to prepare them for the season, and will be subject to the same code of conduct of all Championship Series athletes. With a Super League Triathlon contract there is a level of professionalism and communication expected, which is clearly outlined in the racing contracts. Failure to adhere to; or accept these terms will result in voiding of the contract between Super League Triathlon and the athlete. Super League Triathlon can opt to roll that offer onto the following finisher at that event, or place that slot at any of their other Qualifier Series events.

How are wildcards selected?

Each season, Super League Triathlon will grant 5 wildcard options to the Championship Series. This is at the absolute discretion of Super League Triathlon. Wildcards will be selected but not confined to the following merits:

      Past Racing history outside the League

      Locality to key events within the Championship Series

      Future Potential - Juniors etc

      Personality and Promotional personas

      Social Media engagement and size

      Set skills in swim, bike, or run

      Perceived macro value to the Super League Triathlon brand and the championship racing.


Athletes who wish to be considered for Wildcard selection need to reach out to Super League Triathlon via the website. Super League Triathlon has scouts at events globally to find Wildcard options for our series; these scouts have the right to engage with these athletes directly.