Super League Ottawa | Qualifier Start List

These athletes were competing in the Super League Qualifier Series in Ottawa.

The athletes are displayed in alphabetical order.

The Golden Ticket Winners (participation in the SLT Championship’19) are highlighted in yellow.

Athletes with the SLT symbol next to their names have taken part in SLT Season’18. Click on the symbol to view their profile.

Pro-Athletes: Men

1 Abraham Rodriguez Moreno Mexico Mexico
2 Aiden Longcroft Harris Canada Canada
3 Alexis Lepage Canada Canada
4 Aron Mohammadi Canada Canada
5 Austin Hindman USA USA
6 Chris Gergor Canada Canada
7 Jamie Price Bahrain Bahrain
8 Jessey The Elf Canada Canada
9 John Rasmussen Canada Canada
10 Josh Stevens Canada Canada
11 Kevin Martinez Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
12 Kieran Jackson Ireland Ireland
13 Liam Donnelly Canada Canada
14 Mauro Cavanha Brazil Brazil
15 Michael Arishita USA USA
16 Mohamad Alsabbagh Syria Syria
17 Nathan Killam Canada Canada
18 Oliver Turner Jersey Jersey
19 Ryan Bailie Australia Australia

Pro-Athletes: Women

1 Andreanne Briere-Dulude Canada Canada
2 Celine Marks Canada Canada
3 Charlotte Mcshane Australia Australia
4 Claudie Simard Canada Canada
5 Desirae Ridenour Canada Canada
6 Laurel Wassner USA USA
7 Megan Foley USA USA
8 Nicole Van Der Kaay New Zealand New Zealand
9 Paula Findlay Canada Canada
10 Rachel Faulds Canada Canada
11 Rebecca Wassner USA USA
12 Samantha Klus Canada Canada
13 Severine Bouchez Belgium Belgium