Everything You Need To Know About Arena Games Triathlon powered by Zwift Montreal 2023

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Arena Games Triathlon powered by Zwift is back and ready for another stellar season of cutting edge esports action.

The award-winning hybrid format has been at the forefront of a new way of competing in and watching sport, and the 2023 World Championship Series is set to take it to a whole new level.

There are two new venues on the calendar this year. It all starts in Montreal on Saturday, before a visit to Switzerland. London’s Aquatics Centre at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is the familiar setting for the Grand Final and the crowning of the new World Champions.

Here’s what to look out for when the action begins:

Lionel Hits The Headlines

There is little doubt who the most talked about athlete has been coming into Arena Games Triathlon Montreal – and it’s not even somebody tipped to win.

Lionel Sanders, a legend of Ironman and one of the most iconic triathletes of all-time, has taken a seemingly shock decision to race the quickest race format of them all.


He has plenty of doubters given that the swim is crucial in Arena Games and it is his weak point, but that has not deterred Sanders from taking on the challenge. While getting the win might be a stretch, if Sanders can be competitive he will have proved so many wrong.

Whatever the outcome, as is typically his way, he has people talking, and that’s part of his enduring appeal.

Female Field Looks Wide Open

While the line-ups for Switzerland and London are stacked, the female field in Montreal is more sparse. That opens up the opportunity for somebody to step out of the shadows and make a name for themselves.

Super League has always prided itself on delivering new talent – there are eight athletes racing in Montreal who previously competed in youth and junior SLT races – and the federation-based entry system thanks to its partnership with World Triathlon allows another perfect platform for exactly that.

The USA’s Gina Sereno, possibly the world’s brainiest triathlete by virtue of her job at NASA, has a real chance having already proved she can compete in this format. Meanwhile, there has been a lot of talk about Noemie Beaulieu as a massive star of the future.

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She gets a real chance to step up in front of her hometown crowd and attempt to secure the biggest win of her career.

Hoorah As Henri Returns

Henri Schoeman has had a really rotten run of injuries over the past couple of years. It has been one disaster after another for the 2016 Rio Olympic bronze medallist and former Super League Triathlon Championship Series runner-up.

Finally, he is ready for a serious return to action as he attempts to get himself back in shape just in time for Paris 2024.

Henri Schoeman_championship_male_triple_mix_312

Nobody other than Schoeman himself really knows what shape he’s in, but if anywhere near his best then he could make the most dramatic of returns and win the event.

His swim is huge, which is significant in this format, his transition slick, and his power to weight ratio could be very competitive. His battle with Aurelien Raphael, another huge swimmer but a totally different size and stature to take on the bike and the run, will be thrilling.

Montreal Awaits

The Parc Olympique is an historic venue in Montreal, as Super League brings a pro event to Canada for the first time.

Montreal has a rich tradition in the sport having hosted world class races in the past, and now looks to the future with the truly unique hybrid format of Arena Games.

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There is also a lot of athletes for the home crowd to get behind.

Last tickets are available HERE.

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And remember, the action all gets underway at 17:30 local time.

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