Bahrain Victorious Scorpions Win The 2022 Championship Series Teams Title

Superleague Grand Final 2022 Neom Pro Men Dw. 176 1

The team, managed by Chris McCormack and Michael Gilliam, started the Grand Finale in NEOM 20 points behind Michelle Dillon’s SLT Sharks.

Championship Series winner, Georgia Taylor-Brown helped the Scorpions to leapfrog the Sharks to the top of the table after the women’s race. She and the other Bahrain Victorious Scorpion females have been dominant throughout the five events.

But Hayden Wilde and his Sharks male teammates put the hammer down in the men’s side of the Championship, and it all came down to the final run of the day with the lower placings proving decisive.

It was Ryan Fisher, on his last ever race as a professional triathlete before retirement, who secured the crucial points which delivered a two point victory, and with it the $120,000 top prize for the Scorpions.

The Grand Finale in NEOM also decided the Discipline Leaderboards. With $15,000 for the fastest swimmer, biker and runner of the Series, it has proved a tight tussle.

In the end the discipline winners were:


Cassandre Beaugrand

Jamie Riddle


Georgia Taylor-Brown

Vasco Vilaca


Cassandre Beaugrand

Hayden Wilde

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