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How Katie Zaferes Is Swim Training Without A Pool

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Katie Zaferes is visualising swimming to help her prepare for a return to the water.

The reigning champion is the first guest on Super League Triathlon’s Lockdown Lowdown, giving insight into how she is managing with a restricted training regime, as well as answering some fun questions about her life (watch the video to learn her favourite recipe, who she wants to play her in a film and what Tommy thinks is her worst habit!)

Most triathletes around the world are struggling without access to water for swimming, and Zaferes has a novel approach.

She said:

So right now I am not swimming so that is probably the biggest difference in my training. I don’t have access to a pool or lake or any body of water so I have just been doing bands with strength training and visualising swimming, and that’s pretty much it.
Then I am able to run and ride outside so that’s fine and if I don’t ride outside I just ride indoors on my trainer, but just doing everything really basic and not doing many efforts, and if I do it’s by choice.

Zaferes is still putting in some good training weeks and said:

I am training about 20 hours a week. Joel (Filliol) always puts in 18 but then I have a couple of hours of choice, so if I want to go out and do a second run or add a little bit here and there I can.

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