Super League Duo Set For 18th Birthday Fundraising Epic

Jack Stanton-Stock and Daniel Dixon after the youth race at RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey

Two of Super League’s young stars are going to spend their 18th birthdays cycling for 18 hours to raise money for charity.

Rather than going out partying, Daniel Dixon and Jack Stanton-Stock – members of the England Talent Squad who were born on the same day – will spend next Thursday indoors on their turbo trainers hammering out a monster ride on Zwift.

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NHS Charities Together are set to benefit from their incredible efforts – named 18for18 – which will be extensively covered and supported on Super League’s social media channels.

Jack explained:

We are both turning 18 on May 14, we are good friends, we compete together and it is a real coincidence that we were born on the same day.
Dan rang me up and told me he had an idea. He said he wanted to ride for 18 hours and thought I should too and I agreed.
We decided to do it for charity to make the most of it and we set up a fundraising page and it has all kicked off from there.

Jack Stanton-Stock in the youth race at Super League Triathlon Malta

Dan, who has twice won Super League youth events and will start his ride with Jack as the clock rolls past midnight into the start of Thursday morning next week, added:

The idea of raising money is important to both of us given everything that is going on.
To be able to help the NHS and associated charities is great. We have set a goal of £2,000 but we would like to get as much as we can.

Daniel Dixon wins the youth race at Super League Triathlon Malta

Lockdown has meant many people having to modify special occasions but few will be quite as extreme as this.

For Dan this would have been his final day at school, while Jack admitted he probably would have been celebrating with a drink or two – if he wasn’t sitting an exam for his A-Levels.

Cycling for 18 hours is certainly a little different to that, especially indoors.

And so the duo are calling for help and support from the triathlon community – not only in fundraising but also moral support.

Dan laughed:

When we got talking about it we realised we are going to need to get off for the toilet so we decided the best way to do the 18 hours was to split it into three stints of six hours with a 30 minutes break in between them. That also allows people on different time zones to come and join us too rather than having to sit in for the entire 18 hours.
We want to encourage fans of triathlon and Super League to join in. We are hoping to have some famous faces from the sport involved along the way too which will make it a special experience for anybody else who wants to get involved.
It would be great if people would join us and cycle some miles and then donate to a great cause.

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Super League will be bringing you build-up and coverage of the event so stay tuend next week.

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