Super League Malta Fun Run – Presented By Nike

Sunday, the 28th of October saw the 5km Fun Run, presented by Nike. Local athletes from all over the island flocked to the start line ready to take on the hilly course. Run on the exact the same route as the professional athletes, it made for a tough challenge with undulations throughout.

We saw experienced athletes running side by-side with those taking their first steps in the sport. Youth and experience filled the course as the enthusiastic crowd roared them on.

The women’s race was taken out by Tara Borg Manche in a great time of 0:21:54. Tired but composed as she crossed the line Tara, was eager to talk about her race and the challenge it had presented “It was tough but the power came from within me.

With an existing PB of 0:23:14 over the 5km distance, Tara was thrilled to have beaten that mark despite the hills, and was full of praise for the organisation and atmosphere. “For the island it’s bringing something different and I hope you do it again next year because even more people will come down. I think it’s brilliant. I was here all day yesterday and it’s incredible.

The men’s race was a close finish with a savage uphill sprint between two brothers, Etienne and Clément Lejeune, with Etienne taking it by two seconds! Etienne had work to do from the start as Clément had taken an early lead, but he chased down his brother to take him on the final uphill. With an obvious rivalry Etienne was over the moon to take the win: “It was a good race but with all the undulation it was hard to keep up a constant speed. I’m not in shape but I still beat my brother!

Clément was much more laid back about the finishing sprint stating it was a done deal from the start. I knew he was on me from the start, I was sure I was not going to be the first over the line.

This is what Super League Triathlon (SLT) does, it inspires people to reach down inside themselves and produce results they didn’t think possible. Pushing old rivalries to new levels and bringing the best out of even seasoned athletes.

The morning wasn’t just about the front of the field with a wide range of abilities scattered down the course. Slobodan Vencelovski had only started running three months ago to improve his fitness for karate and help with injury. I train for karate here in Malta. I always wanted to run to improve my stamina so I started slowly and my daughter has helped me get to this event. This is my first real run and in fifteen days time I’ll be going for 10k.

Slobodan has set clear milestones to help in his progression and SLT is part of his personal journey to improve his health and fitness.

I enjoyed it very very much, everything is organised very well and I’m happy to be running with these young people. I’m looking forward to next year and I’ll be more prepared.

Rose Flazon, Nadine Farrugia, Sandra Vella and Angele Pizzuto are a group of friends who had used this event as an opportunity to train together and spend some time getting fit. Out of the group Sandra was competing in an arranged run for the first time: “It was tough but I liked it and I’ll be back next year.”

Nadine and the others had all run in events before and use the training to spend time together: “We are not part of a club as we don’t have the time but we can train together whenever we like.”

A fantastic morning seeing everyone out on course – whatever your ability or experience SLT has something for you. Come and join us next year and take your first steps in endurance sport, you never know you might get hooked!

If you were a participant, check out your full race results!

Women’s Results

  1. Tara Borg Manche 0:21:54
  2. Marthese Lia 0:22:25
  3. Rachel-Marie Galea 0:23:06

Men’s Results

  1. Etienne Lejeune 0:18:19
  2. Clément Lejeune 0:18:21
  3. Leigh Marshall 0:18:32
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