RBC SLT Community Challenge: Why Supporting Mind Jersey Is So Important

Mind Jersey has been a leading light in helping to support mental health during one of the most challenging years in living memory.

Increased numbers of people across the world have suffered with mental health issues during the COVID-19 global pandemic and the associated lockdowns.

Charities such as Mind Jersey are more important now than ever, and that’s why RBC and Super League Triathlon have come together to launch the Community Challenge.

If a collective 100,000km of swim, bike, run or walk is recorded via the Community Challenge platform by September 20 then RBC will donate £40,000 to Mind Jersey. Taking part is easy and not only supports a superb charity but also helps keep fit and active, which studies show can massively benefit mental health.

Mind Jersey not only helps those suffering with mental health issues but also educates.

Among those in Jersey learning about mental health for the first time during the pandemic is nine-year-old Sebastian van der Niet. He explained:

During Lockdown my mum explained to us how important it was that we keep our mental health healthy because we were going to be spending lots of time stuck indoors and we wouldn’t have our friends to play with for a long time. She said it was even more important than doing the school work.

So this is what I did, every day we had only two hours to go out so we walked our dog on the beach for our first hour then at lunch time when my dad was having his break we went cycling on our bikes or jogging.

Happiness was the key in lock down for me, I missed my friends lots so my dad set me up on a thing called House Party so I could see my friends and we could play games and laugh. Because me and my family were always home together we watched lots of movies and pretended we were at the cinema. This all kept me and my family happy in Lockdown but I am really happy I am with my friends again.

Another of those supporting the Challenge and its aims is 24-year-old Dylan. He said:

Enjoy everyday to its fullest, go for that swim, do that run, meet your friend who wants a catch up rather than sitting at home and being lazy. Just make the most of life opportunities because you never know what tomorrow holds.

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