Super League Triathlon Salinas 2020


Super League Triathlon is heading to South America for the first time as to Salinas, Ecuador hosts a Qualifier. Salinas is a costal town located 90 miles from Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador. A once small fishing village is now famous for its popular beaches and surfing opportunities. In November 2020, Super League will become one of Salinas’ attractions of popular activities.

Besides the Super League Qualifier Series races, we will create various sporting events, triathlon and run races for all age groups and fitness levels. You will be able to participate in a race of your choice alone or with family and friends. Regardless of your age or training level, we’ll support you in getting to the start line and across the finish line. Mark your calendar for a race event weekend like no other! A true festival of multi-sport, celebrating everything that is good about endurance and competition.

For more information in Spanish, please visit Super League Salinas.

Para obtener más información en español, visite Super League Salinas.



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Super League Salinas
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