4.8 2019

Super League Enduro Triathlon (Individual/Team)

Ottawa, Canada | Age Group

Enduro is for the more advanced athletes to test themselves and ‘race like a pro’. You will swim bike run and then swim bike run back to back, just like the Pros. Challenge yourself with our flagship Age Group format – The Enduro. A Swim-Bike-Run-Swim-Bike-Run (750m Swim – 20km Bike – 5km Run) back to back, we assure you of a triathlon experience you won’t forget.

When registering for the Age Group Triathlon Race, you can choose between:

  1. Super League Age Group Triathlon Individual (Sprint and/or Enduro | 1 member)
  2. Super League Age Group Enduro Triathlon Team (2 Members)
  3. Super League Age Group Sprint Triathlon Relay (3 Members)


1 athlete


750m    20km    5km 750m   20km  5km

Participation: individual

Fitness level: very advanced

Team Enduro

2 athletes

athlete 1 athlete 2

750m    20km    5km 750m    20km   5km

Participation: team

Fitness level: medium

*For race updates and last minute changes prior or during the race, visit Race Updates.


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