Why Corporate Enduro is Good for Your Company

If you’ve ever read ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie, you’ll know that building relationships with people is an important life skill, especially at work. A corporate event is an investment towards building strong relationship between colleagues, employees, employers and clients.

But we reckon if Carnegie was still around he’d just recommend you take part in a corporate triathlon event. A corporate event that will build confidence, passion, fulfilment and team bonding between you, your colleagues and your clients.

Make 2020 the year you really solidify those key relationships at work, and create memories and bonds that could last a lifetime with our Corporate Team Enduro in partnership with Mourant.

Facing challenges together, achieving personal goals, and sharing that sense of elation at the finish line could be the ultimate corporate event for your colleagues and clients that stretches so much further than stale corporate hospitality.

We’ve seen teams from some of the world’s biggest companies compete in the Super League Triathlon Corporate Enduro, and we can tell you now – it’s a unique and very effective way to cement healthy and long-lasting relationships.

You’ll learn things about your colleagues or clients that you never thought would be possible. You’ll will also discover what it takes to make a team come together in a meaningful way.

Your team mates will be motivated, become even more goal-driven, will improve their interpersonal skills, and you’ll bond as colleagues, business partners or clients over lasting memories.

Plus you get to swim, bike and run in a cool location, get fit, stay healthy, and share that finish line satisfaction forever. Now if that’s not a decent workplace wellness initiative, what is!?

It’s not just race day where you’ll see the competitiveness shining through, either. You can incorporate league tables or incentives for training goals, set up Strava training groups so you can all encourage each other, or even organise group training rides on virtual cycling software such as Zwift.

Get motivated, have fun, and of course, be in it to win it!

Find out more about the Super League Triathlon Corporate Enduro in partnership with Mourant, with various events taking place around the globe during 2020.

If you are planing to organise a corporate event for your company or clients or looking for new team building corporate event ideas, please feel free to contact us.

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