Corporate Mix – The Ultimate Team Experience

When it came time for the Corporate Mix we pitched some of Jersey’s most prominent businesses against each other; the racing was frantic and the competition tough but, in the end, it was Team First Names 1 that came out on top.

The final podium results:

  1. TEAM FIRST NAMES 1 89 POINTS (28 + Male Pro 15 + Female Pro 46)
  2. TEAM TAPPIT 78 POINTS (42 + Male Pro 12 + Female Pro 24)
  3. TEAM YESSS POWER 2 77 POINTS (30 + Male Pro 4 + Female Pro 43)

The racing took place on both the Saturday and the Sunday and was in the Enduro format with a SWIM, BIKE, RUN followed closely by another SWIM, BIKE, RUN. On the Saturday and the Sunday Paul Rondel led out the swim for TEAM FIRST NAMES 1 with Ryan Crawford and James Hayward following up with the bike and run. For second leg of the race they had Andrew De La Haye swimming with Matthew Rayson and Stuart Pennington completing the bike and run.

Adding to the excitement each team had been linked to two of the professional athletes racing in the Championship Series whose results would bolster their own – these were drawn randomly on the Friday prior to the racing. TEAM FIRST NAMES 1 were lucky enough to have drawn Léo Bergere of France who finished 7th overall in the men’s field alongside Katie Zaferes of the USA who took hold of the women’s field on the Sunday finishing on top of the podium. This ensured a solid collection of professional points that were added to the team’s points gained through the racing itself.

It was the combined strength of the finishing times and the professional athletes’ rankings that took TEAM FIRST NAMES 1 past TEAM TAPPIT and YESSS POWER, this let the excitement build across the weekend as each Corporate Mix team cheered their athletes on, hoping they would thrust them up the rankings!

All of the Corporate Mix teams fought hard to bring the race home and had a great time doing it with the swim and bike taking place on exactly the same course the professional athletes would tackle later in the day. Senator Lyndon Farnham who completed the run for Ravenscroft Centurions said:

“It was great fun – and hard! But I’m used to blood, sweat and tears! Super League Triathlon has exceeded my expectations again. The new format means people don’t know what to expect and I find they are really thrilled with what they see. It’s really good for the island and I’d like to see more events like this”.

The level of all the teams was high on a very technical circuit meaning they had to be on their toes especially when it came to the bike. Cheered on by the mounting crowds, the Corporate Mix made heroes of the competitors and pushed them until the very end!

Further finishing positions as below:

4th TEAM FIRST NAMES 2 71 POINTS (4 + Male Pro 30 + Female Pro 37)

5th RAVENSCROFT TITANS 67 POINTS (50 + Male Pro 2 + Female Pro 15)

6th COMPROP TRI HARDER 66 POINTS (30 + Male Pro 8 + Female Pro 28)

7th SANTANDER INTERNATIONAL 1 57 POINTS (3 + Male Pro 42 + Female Pro 12)

8th PHOENIX 57 POINTS (11 + Male Pro 34 + Female Pro 12)

9th YESSS POWER 1 49 POINTS (26 + Male Pro 12 + Female Pro 11)

10th WATTEAM 47 POINTS (-6 + Male Pro 50 + Female Pro 3)

11th RBC MAPLE LEAVES 38 POINTS (8 + Male Pro 32 + Female Pro -2)

12th RBC CANADIENS 34 POINTS (4 + Male Pro 8 + Female Pro 22)

13th COMPROP TRI – AGRA 31 POINTS (26 + Male Pro 3 + Female Pro 2)

14th RAVENSCROFT CENTURIENS 28 POINTS (14 + Male Pro -1 + Female Pro 15)

15th RBC SENATORS 14 POINTS (4 + Male Pro 11 + Female Pro -1)

16th SANTANDER INTERNATIONAL 2 7 POINTS (4 + Male Pro 3 + Female Pro 0)

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