Super League Triathlon Announces 2021 Championship Series Prize Money

Cassandre Beaugrand receives her prize money at Super League Triathlon Singapore

Super League Triathlon has today announced its prize pool for the 2021 Championship Series with athletes competing for a share of $1.25m in the richest month in short course triathlon.

The four-race Series, which takes place on back-to-back weekends throughout September in London, Munich, Jersey and Malibu, has increased its focus on ensuring that all athletes are rewarded for their efforts with the addition of the SLT Teams concept alongside the now infamous swim, bike and run leaderboards.

Athletes earn money directly from the races via multiple separate leaderboards which give every athlete a chance to go for extra glory. They are:

  • Event leaderboard
  • Overall Championship Series leaderboard
  • Swim, bike and run discipline leaderboards
  • SLT Teams leaderboard

SLT Teams is adding an extra $320,000, with the highest placed Team at the end of the Championship Series sharing $120,000 ($15,000 per athlete) while the last-placed Team still gets $20,000.

On top of all that, every Super League athlete is guaranteed to be treated like a true professional. That means Super League pays for all flights, accommodation, food and provides all-around support, bike mechanics, physiotherapy, marketing, promotion, social media and marketing support and much more. Super League has also supported the athletes with contracts to help them across the entire year.

Prize purse breakdown

Event leaderboard (per event, male and female):

  1. $20,000
  2. $15,000
  3. $10,000
  4. $6,000
  5. $5,000
  6. $3,500
  7. $3,000
  8. $2,500
  9. $2,000
  10. $1,500

Overall Championship Series leaderboard (male and female):

  1. $50,000
  2. $35,000
  3. $25,000
  4. $15,000
  5. $10,000

Discipline prize pool (overall series, male and female):

Swim Leader: $20,000 

Bike Leader: $20,000

Run Leader: $20,000

SLT Teams Overall Leaderboard (per Team):

  1. $120,000
  2. $80,000
  3. $60,000
  4. $40,000
  5. $20,000

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