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What is Age Group racing?

Super League Triathlon is more than just professional racing. It inspires everyone to give triathlon a go. We encourage people of all fitness levels and ages to join the sport. Designed to welcome everyone between the ages of 15 to 90 years within individual men’s and women’s categories as well as team relay option. Register fast, race hard and earn the right to say #iamsuperleague out loud!

Fully supported and catered for, prepare for the tight courses and exciting race formats, which will keep your heart pounding from start to finish. This will be an experience like no other, and one to be savoured from the moment you arrive.

Sprint Find out more

Sprint for everyone! By choosing the Sprint Triathlon, you commit to an exciting challenge by putting your skills in all 3 disciplines to test. The race will be a swift swim - bike - run.

The athlete who wins this format has navigated qualification, tactics and endurance better than any other athlete. This is a true test of survival.

The Sprint winner will prove as the most dexterous triathlete, boasting tactful attentiveness to the individual disciplines with a dash of luck.

One athlete completes all disciplines

swim 700m
bike 20km
run 5km

Sprint Relay Find out more

Sprint Relay is a perfect fit for athletes who emphasize one particular discipline – swim, bike or run.

In a team of 3 athletes, your team will excel in all 3 triathlon disciplines. By the end of the race, each team member will have completed a single discipline of the race, doing either the swim or bike or run discipline.

The race can not be completed unless a minimum of 3 athletes has been activated to complete the course.

Each athlete completes one discipline

swim 700m
bike 20km
run 5km

Enduro Find out more

Enduro is for the athletes who truly want to put themselves to the test. The Enduro is considered the most challenging format of all. You have to maintain the speed and have the ENDURance to hold and win the race itself.

Athletes competing in the individual Enduro race will complete a swim-bike-run twice.

One athlete completes all disciplines x2

swim 250m
bike 10km
run 2.5km

Enduro Relay Find out more

The Enduro Relay format comprises a swim-bike-run split between 2 or 3 athletes. The race can't be completed unless a minimum of 2 athletes has been activated to complete the course.

In a team of 2, each member completes each sequence twice. Members complete their first sequence (i.e. swim-bike-run), transit to the 2nd athlete and return to their start point to do the sequence again.

In a team of 3, each member completes their chosen discipline twice. Members complete their first discipline (i.e. swim), transit to the 2nd athlete (i.e. bike), transit to the 3rd athlete (i.e. run) and return to their start point (i.e. swim start) to do their chosen discipline (i.e. swim) again.

Athlete Team of 2 Team of 3
1 swim – bike – run swim (x2)
2 swim – bike – run bike (x2)
3 run (x2)

2 athletes: each completes one sequence
3 athletes: each completes one discipline

swim 250m
bike 10km
run 2.5km

How the Relay Works Find out more

The Swim

The swimmer of each team will make their way to the swim start. The swimmer will be allowed a 5-min warm-up before exiting the water and positioning themselves at the swim start for the race. Once called to the starting position, they will be placed in the starters hands, and the race will begin with the sound of a horn. After completing the swim course, the swimmer will exit the water making their way to transition.

Once in transition, the swimmer will run to their team cyclist next to their bike rack and exchange the timing chip. All timing chips are passed down to the next athlete and worn on the left ankle at all times of the race.

The Bike

The cyclist stands next to his bike, waiting for their team swimmer with their helmet fastened. Once having received the timing chip and fastening it to their ankle, the cyclist leaves transition by running to the mount line and then making their way onto the course.

After completing the bike course, the rider will dismount their bike at the dismount line and run to their allocated team bike rack. The cyclist must keep their helmet on until they have handed the timing chip to their team runner.

The Run

After receiving the timing chip, the runner will leave the transition and make their way to the run course. The runner will go through the finish arch upon the completion of the race.

5 Reasons to train for a triathlon

  1. Your workouts will become versatile. Tone your muscles in the gym, swim in the waters of your choice, bike in the beautiful nature, and run in your favourite park.
  2. You’ll become a better biker. It might come in handy if you bike to work daily. You’ll still have to stop at red lights, but beating the traffic will be history.
  3. You’ll become a better swimmer. Safe to say, you don’t swim to work, but while on vacation, your swimming skills might come in handy. One more reason to book a trip to the beach.
  4. You’ll become a better runner. Never miss another train or bus. You won’t even need public transportation. You will just run, like Forrest.
  5. You’ll get in shape and lose weight. Have you seen our athletes? Their bodies are on fire. Light your fire today.

5 Reasons to participate in a triathlon

  1. Participation in a triathlon race is a top goal to achieve. If you philosophically question the meaning of your existence, triathlon might be the answer.
  2. Total mind satisfaction will come from the adrenaline rush and stress relief during and after each training and upon completion of the race.
  3. You don’t have to do it alone. Get your friends and relatives to join the race with you as a team.
  4. You can do it alone.  “You know what you are. What you’re made of. Triathlon is in your blood. Don’t fight it.” ∼ original quote by John Rambo slightly modified.
  5. Your win is guaranteed. Yes, you read that right. Regardless of the official race winners, you will always be a winner in our book!

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