Super League Age Groupers – Top Tips for Beginners!

With RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019 on the horizon all eyes are turning towards the Channel Islands and a bumper weekend of racing on 28-29 September.

There is pressure on our Pros, but also a similar feeling for our Age Groupers with all levels and experiences able to find a race to suit them and try out the same course as the sport’s superstars.

It can all feel a bit overwhelming, whether you are doing triathlon for a living, or simply for the first time to get fit.

So, we enlisted a man who knows the course better than anyone, Jersey Pro Ollie Turner, to give us his top tips for triathlon newbies.


  1. You just need the basics. Don’t get sucked into thinking you need the best equipment, just a bike and some googles and you are good to go
  2. Super League gives you lots of options. As an Age Grouper you can race different distances to suit you, and you can do it on your own or as part of a team
  3. You don’t need to be super fit. This isn’t about going out there to win. If you enter then you set your own goals.
  4. Get Ready! Eat well in the build-up and check all your equipment – brakes, tyres and handlebars etc. Being prepared make everything much less stressful


  1. If you are a nervous swimmer then let other people go first. It’s fine to hang back and take your time
  2. From time to time stop and look up to make sure you are heading in the right direction
  3. Take a breather and hydrate before you jump on the bike. Lowering your heart rate after the swim can make for a better bike ride


  1. Make sure you have your helmet strapped on before you jump on your bike. It’s in the rules and for your own safety
  2. Stay on the left and pace yourself. Going off too hard can make it a very difficult race
  3. Go easy around the corners, especially when it’s wet. Losing a second here or there as you build confidence is better than crashing


  1. Start slow and build into it. A big mistake that athletes of all levels make is going off too hard and then slowing down as the run goes on
  2. Hydrate as you go. It could be hot out there and you will be sweating so sip some fluids
  3. This is the most important tip. Celebrate and have fun! Smile all the way and look good for finish line where you can enjoy the buzz of the supporters and your achievement

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