Run Sessions To Make You Faster: World Championship Runner-Up Vasco Vilaca

Vasco Vilaca run faster run training Super League Triathlon

Run hard in training to get fast when racing.

That’s the advice from triathlon World Championship runner-up Vasco Vilaca, whose 5km times are among the quickest in the sport.

Many athletes can find themselves getting stuck in a rut with their running – they go out at the same moderate intensity every session and see few gains in their race speed.

Add intensity to your run training

While intensity should only be added at specific times, doing it correctly can reap huge dividends.

Vasco Vilaca’s run training consists of six sessions per week: two easy sessions, two tempo sessions and two hard sessions.

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An easy session for Vasco means 30-45 minutes at a comfortable pace. A tempo session is 45-75 minutes under 5.15/km pace. But his favourite sessions are the hard ones!

Hard sessions to make you run faster

– 45 minutes progressive run starting at 3.50-40, taking down the pace each 15 minutes down to 3.20-10

Vasco says: “This really works my aerobic system and is a key session for the tough 10km of the standard/Olympic distance.”

– 8 x 45 seconds hard uphill (jog down and restart) + 8 x 400m flat at race pace (200m easy jog)

Vasco says: “This session works my strength and speed which is key for Super League racing.”

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