#ProTips – Top 5 Run Tips By Katie Zaferes

The reigning Super League Triathlon (SLT) champion Katie Zaferes is in dominating form – she’s taken the top step at SLT and doesn’t look to be slowing down! Katie races with a resilience rarely seen in triathlon and her astounding run performances are built on a rock-solid foundation of training and mental strength.

She knows there are no shortcuts to success; if you want to be good at something, then it is what you do day in day out that makes the difference. To get you as ready as possible for your next race, Katie has given us her top five tips to becoming a better runner.

Katie’s top 5 tips to maximise performance on the run

5 Running
  1. Run Easy
    Make your easy days easy and your hard days hard. Running on easy days should be done at a conversational pace (low HR and ability to talk). This way, on your hard days, you are ready to go fast!.
  2. Don’t Ignore An Injury
    If you have a consistent pain/injury, it is best to rest rather than push through. Keeping a journal will help you keep track, understand if there is a trend, and know how long it has been going on. Tell your coach if you have one!.
  3. Run with Others
    Find running buddies to keep you company but have the confidence to run solo as this can be more beneficial. If running with others on an easy day, don’t be afraid to go slower, but use others to push you on your hard days.
  4. Warm Up
    Do some strides to wake the legs up before a session. 4 x 15-30” is an excellent way to get primed and ready
  5. It Is Not Always Easy
    Know that some days aren’t going to feel good, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a good work out. Work on strengthening the mind as much as you put into your physical training

Advice from our champions is like triathlon gold dust, take the above list, implement it into your training regime, and watch the results roll in. Check out our list of Age Group opportunities here>>

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