Jodie Stimpson’s Top Tips For Triathlon Success

Start line nerves are one of the best and worst things about triathlon – and even the Pros get them.

That feeling as you stare out at the sea wondering why you are about to put yourself through such a test, and yet the way it makes you feel so alive is a unique sensation.

So, how best to overcome the worries and the fears and embrace the adventure? Most would say to keep a clear head and to focus on the task in hand. Certainly, preparation is key.

We asked Super League’s British star Jodie Stimpson for her top triathlon tips ahead of RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019, which not only features the worlds best Pros in action but also hundreds of Age Groupers.



  1. Get the best position on the start line. You want to try and have the quickest line to the first buoy
  2. Taking the inside line around the buoy is a great way to take the shortest route. If, like me, you aren’t the fast swimmer then grabbing the inside line, getting your bum up and kicking means others will have to swim further than you do
  3. Use your legs more going around a swimming buoy as it will stop you from getting pushed around in the water. When you are nearing the exit of the swim make an effort to have a big kick to get the blood to your legs so you can run up that ramp and into transition


  1. Gear selection coming out of transition is crucial. Think about this when you leave your bike in transition before the race. It will help you get a good start and your speed up
  2. Knowing the course is key. It will give you confidence to be sure of where the corners are, which ones you need to slow down for and which ones you can just speed through. A good thing to do is to take yourself to a car park when it is quiet and practise cornering
  3. Riding in a group and being comfortable with having people around you is important for Super League races


  1. Super League is fast and frantic and so at the start of the run concentrate on going as quick as possible with a high cadence
  2. If it’s windy on the course use people that are around you to shield you from the wind. Running directly behind or on the shoulder of somebody can make them a wind block
  3. Going around a cone for a turn is like going around a swimming buoy – you want the inside line as it’s the shortest route, especially when coming to the finish

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