Super League Triathlon Supporting Cheetah Conservation Fund

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Super League Triathlon are Welcoming a New Member to Team Cheetah’s this year!

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Today, we are very proud to announce a new partnership with the Cheetah Conservation Fund. To celebrate our new partnership, we have adopted our own SLT cheetah Rocket! Read more about Rockets story below, then keep up with updates from Rocket and news from Namibia by joining our Fan Team via this link

Why We are Supporting Cheetah Conservation. 

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Cheetahs were once found thriving in numbers of more than 100,000. Today, fewer than 7,500 are left in the wild. The world’s fastest land animal is now facing a race for survival. This iconic species is being pushed towards extinction due to habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict and the illegal wildlife trade. Without action, cheetahs could disappear from the landscape altogether – within our lifetime. 

About CCF

Founded in Namibia in 1990, Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is the global leader in the research and conservation of cheetahs. CCF’s vision is to see a world in which cheetahs live and flourish alongside people. If we are going to achieve this, there is a lot to do! CCF is dedicated to saving the cheetah in the wild and works globally to raise awareness of the plight of the cheetah, via an international network that includes CCF UK and CCF USA. It also works across cheetah range countries delivering community conservation efforts that aim to secure a future for cheetahs and all who share its landscape – including people! By working together – we can and will save a species!

Meet Rocket – The Super League Fan Team’s Newest Recruit!

Rocket (HeChee) came to CCF at 7 -8 weeks old in 2019. He was very small, tired and scared when he first arrived. Rocket was caught by a farmer, after he caught his dog chasing him. The farmer kept Rocket for a week and tried to get a permit to keep him but was denied. That was when Rocket first came to CCF. Upon arrival, Rocket was paired with Jaya, who arrived shortly before he did. They became adoptive siblings and are very close now. In 2020, the pair became friends with Hans, and now all three can usually be found snuggling or playing together. For more information visit (

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Join Team Cheetahs and Help Support Rocket and the CCF

Join the SLT Fan Team!(will link to fanteam homepage) This Year, you can be a part of the SLT action. By joining our Fan Team you can take control and have your say over the future of Team Cheetahs. Vote on key team decisions. Who is on the team, what kit the cheetahs race in, who takes the all important Short Chute, YOU decide. This is like fantasy triathlon, but this time it’s for real. For more information visit our fan team site.(link)

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