Super League Triathlon 2022: New Rules Apply

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Super League Triathlon’s Championship Series is back and bigger than ever in 2022: and new rules apply.

Triathlon’s fastest, most unpredictable and dynamic racing returns with a blockbuster global Series featuring five events in five countries and featuring the best athletes in the sport.

At Super League nothing stays still, so expect the unexpected and follow our four rules

  • Fast formats

Triathlon has been too boring for too long. Super League has the perfect antidote, with athletes racing tight, stadium-like city circuits in our fast and furious race formats.

Anybody brave enough for an Enduro? Three rounds of continuous swim-bike-run. Or the Triple Mix where you need to try and remember what order the stages come in while your lungs are burning and your brain is scrambled?

And just wait for our Eliminator in 2022. We have another surprise up our sleeves.

It’s full gas from the start, so don’t get left behind.

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  • Play it unsafe

Want to just sit in a pack and take it easy before a running race? Want a nice flat lake swim? How about some cautious handling on a tight course like Driving Miss Daisy on a bike?

Then expect to do very badly.

Super League is about going from the gun. About taking risks to get ahead and to stay ahead. About winning a Short Chute to save a few precious seconds.

Those of a nervous disposition need not apply.

Super League Munich 2021
  • Raise their game

Super League is the world’s first professional triathlon league. That means prestige, cash and honour in our Team Leaderboard.

Every athlete is part of a team, drafted by a manager, and unlike every other triathlon they are racing not just for themselves but their teammates.

Tactics are crucial. Can your teammate win a Short Chute for you? How can you help them? Is your team spirit enough to get you over the line?

No matter how you feel about your own race, just don’t let your team down.

Team Eagles
  • Feel the action

Live triathlon doesn’t get better than this. Small, tight, technical courses with multiple laps over multiple stages mean you see the athletes again and again and again in an electric atmosphere – and are so close you could reach out and touch them.

Watching from home leaves you feeling as exhausted as the athletes after the pulsating action. You live it. You breathe it. You are part of it.

Superleage Malibu 2021

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