Santara Tech Speculation Flying As Tim Don Looks To Make The Eagles Soar Again

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Given they are already making headlines before their team line-up is even revealed the spotlight looks set to shine brightly on the Santara Tech Eagles in the 2023 Championship Series.

Team manager Tim Don has already secured one title – the inaugural Teams trophy – before losing his crown to Bahrain Victorious Scorpions last time out, and wants to get back on top again this year.

That likely won’t be easy given, especially given Bahrain are surely set to be very strong again. But Don is nothing is not meticulous, and has been plotting for the last nine months as to how to get his revenge.

His link-up with Santara Tech, the company owned by stars of the sport Kristian Blummenfelt and Gustav Iden, as well as their manager Adam Acworth, who also represents other high profile names in the sport, is intriguing. Are they working together? Is it all one big plot to take down Bahrain? Or will the rumours come to nothing?

Of course we won’t truly know until the athlete rosters are revealed for each Team next week, but here we take a deeper look at the 2023 Santara Tech Eagles. 

Meet The Manager

Tim Don

Tim is a legend of triathlon. He started in short course racing and achieved huge success as a three-time Olympian and four-time ITU World Champion in triathlon and duathlon but has more recently raced in a long course where he broke the world record for an Ironman branded event.

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Manager Insights

“It’s time for the Eagles to get their title back. Santara Tech are backing us to get revenge on Bahrain Victorious and the team I am putting together will be the perfect blend of established stars and talent for the future. I can guarantee you we will be a proper team and we are there to win.”

The Owners: In Their Own Words

Santara Technology (Tech) is the first of its kind, an incubator providing unprecedented access and insight from the worlds’ top endurance athletes, coaches, and sports scientists, allowing our partners to develop unique products and market opportunities.

Founded by Olympic and 3 x world champion Kristian Blummenfelt, 3 x Ironman world champion Gustav Iden, world leading endurance coach and data scientist Olav Aleksander Bu and long-time manager, Adam Acworth; Santara Tech provides cutting edge in-field, laboratory and controlled environment product research and development.

Santara Tech also provides engaging content and activation programmes, driving brand credibility, market validation, revenue growth, awareness, and product education.

Who Might Race For Them?

The appearance of the Santara Tech Eagles has already got the triathlon world buzzing with speculation and anticipation.

Rumours that Kristian Blummenfelt will be part-owner of the Team and also its star athlete are out there. If they prove to be true, and that is still an if, the fact that Blummenfelt and the Santara Tech team have targeted the Eagles – and Tim Don – is equally interesting.

Both have some sort of score to settle with Bahrain Victorious. Blummenfelt is a former member of the Team but left suddenly. Tim Don lost his Teams title to them last year, and was decidedly unimpressed by their style. Have they got together to try and put together a Team capable of revenge? One thing is for sure, Blummenfelt and Don would have a huge combined pulling power when it comes to recruiting athletes.

The Santara Tech owners also include Gustav Iden, the Ironman World Champion who is also targeting the Paris Olympics – leading to inevitable speculation he could be brought in – and manager Adam Acworth. He also has other stars such as Matt Hauser and Beth Potter on his books.

If Don did have Blummenfelt and Hauser it would be intriguing. Imagine Hauser helping Blummenfelt in the swim. But also imagine Hauser going from Don’s leading man last year to playing second fiddle to Blummenfelt…that could be difficult for Don to manage.

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