Macca Defends Beaugrand Criticism And Drops Shock Hint He May Not Give Her OR GTB A Short Chute

Super League Munich 2021 Cassandre Beaugrand

Chris McCormack has defended his decision to recruit Cassandre Beaugrand and said he may not even hand a Short Chute to either her or Georgia Taylor-Brown if he gets the choice.

McCormack drafted Beaugrand into the Bahrain Victorious Scorpions to replace the injured Alissa König. While it looks on paper to be an obvious decision, he has been questioned by other Team Managers and fans alike as Beaugrand will only race four events, meaning a significant points loss when she steps out of Malibu, and the assumption he will have to choose between her or Taylor-Brown for a Short Chute.

However, McCormack backed his call, and even said there is a chance he would give neither athlete a Short Chute in the event the Scorpions win one, and instead let them slug it out for the win between themselves.

He said: “It’s great to have Cassandre in. Georgia Taylor-Brown and Cassandre Beaugrand within the team is a great dynamic. It will work sensationally. Cassandre will be fantastic as she is in fantastic form. With the two of them and Emma Jeffcoat helping in the swim and Cathia Scharr we are looking good.”

Responding to criticism from SLT Eagles manager Tim Don that Beaugrand and Taylor-Brown will be trying to take each other down, and McCormack himself will have to further disrupt team unity by potentially choosing between them for a Short Chute, he responded: “You are dealt the hand you’ve got. The great thing about Cassandre is her strengths across the disciplines and with the Short Chutes being allocated to the Team Managers and that’s why I looked at Emma Jeffcoat.

Super League Munich Womens Race Georgia Taylor-Brown

“I will look at it (Short Chutes) on a race-by-race basis. The form guide is London so we will see who is where and how we use our athletes best in the rounds. It’s great to have someone of that strength in the racing and on our team.

“The great thing about being a manager is do you give it to the front two, or do I look at Emma who could be running in sixth or seventh? If I’m going to collect the points up front anyway there are other options.”

McCormack has also had to bring in Ryan Fisher as a replacement for Vincent Luis in the season opening races and said: “Ryan has got experience. The issue with our team to some degree is with Vincent out he is doyen of the team and we needed a racing member who is well balanced and experienced.

“While he may not be pushing for the win in each round Ryan will be in the mix and he takes direction well so if I need to send somebody out on the swim or to close gaps on the bike or on a fresh run he is capable of running with anyone so is a good addition. Is he a Vincent Luis? There’s not many Vincent Luis’s around.”

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