Top Tips To Look After Mental Health During Lockdown

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Triathletes are known for their determination, goal focussed attitudes and social interaction, so have faced many challenges from lockdowns around the world due to the spread of COVID-19.

With different restrictions in different regions, and seemingly endless amounts of bad news on every front page or rolling news channel, it is more important than ever to look after both mental and physical health as they are inextricably connected.

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week, Super League has teamed up with Mind Jersey, one of the world’s most respected mental health charities and the official charity partner of RBC Race for the Kids, to offer some easy-to-follow guidance to help in these testing times.

Stay active and look after your physical wellbeing

Physical health has a big impact on how we are feeling emotionally and mentally. It is important at times like this to stay active and maintain sensible patterns of behaviour.

We live in a beautiful world and getting out and about, whilst complying with all of the safe physical distancing guidelines, can involve walking, running, cycling and swimming as the sea warms up. We need to eat healthy, well balanced diets, drink enough water and try to avoid smoking, excessive use of alcohol and drugs at all times.

TIP: Allocate a time in your daily schedule to ensure you can get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Talk about your worries and your concerns

It is natural to feel anxious at times like this, worrying about the unknown and waiting for something to happen. Many people will be feeling the same and sharing concerns with loved ones, and those we trust, can really help.

If feeling unable to do this there are people that you can speak to, via helplines like the one that Mind Jersey operates, or by accessing support online.

TIP: Check in with loved ones and don’t be afraid to share your worries.

Look after your sleep

Feeling anxious or worried can make it harder to get a good night’s sleep. Good quality sleep makes a big difference to how we can feel mentally and physically so it it’s important to get enough. Try and maintain regular sleeping patterns and avoid screens before bedtime, cut back on caffeine and try to create a calm and restful environment.

TIP: Try and stick to a regular sleep pattern and be sure to stay restful before heading to bed.

Super League Triathlon yoga

Manage your media and information intake

24 hour news and constant social media updates can make you more worried. Try and seek information updates at specific times and avoid watching, reading or listening to news all the while, especially if this makes you feel anxious. Seek information mainly to take practical steps to prepare your plans and protect yourself and your loved ones.

TIP: Limit your social media consumption and only check news where necessary and from trusted sources.

  • Mind Jersey is the official charity partner of RBC Race for the Kids. They campaign to reduce stigma and increase understanding about mental health and mental illness. Its vision is of a society that promotes good mental health for all and treats people with experience of mental illness fairly, positively and with respect. RBC works with Mind Jersey to help support Youthful Minds, a participation group of young people (aged between 11-25). The group has been set up to ensure the voices of young people experiencing mental health problems are heard within the community and by the local health services.
  • For further information please visit Mind Jersey or their Facebook page
  • To make a donation please visit the JustGiving page

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