Super League Athletes Show Off Their Pain Caves

Indoor training requires one very vital element – a pain cave.

The domain of the endurance athlete, the pain cave is a place to retreat and get the work done free from distractions like people, nature and fresh air. Ideal for these COVID-19 lockdown times.

Even the Pro athletes who usually have the time to find the perfect outdoor locations to train have been forced into isolation, so we offer some inspiration from their set-ups.

Sophie Coldwell and her ultra-runner boyfriend Tom Evans have things arranged just right.

Kristian Blummenfelt’s set-up has a makeshift feel (note the wooden chairs as a laptop stand and for his i-Pad on top of a case of Red Bull in front of his bike) but he is getting the gym session done as impressively as ever.

French duo Cassandre Beaugrand and Leonie Periault are training as a duo having isolated together in a secluded set-up hidden in France. Their outlook has far too much fresh air for a pain cave.

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Away from the Pros for one moment for possibly the funniest indoor home training set-up of all.

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