Invincible Episode 2: Vincent Luis’ Olympics Preparation Thrown Into Chaos And A Super Triathlon Return

Super League 2021 Munich Mens Race Vincent Luis

“It certainly is a golden age for France in terms of triathlon, as we head towards Tokyo 2020.”

Right from the start, the stakes could not be higher for Episode 2 of Super League Triathlon’s Invincible. The four-part documentary series, which premiered with The One to Beat in July, breaks the mould for triathlon documentaries. It gives unprecedented access into the life and career of, twice ITU World Champion and 2020 Super League Champion, Vincent Luis, as he takes on one of the biggest years in his career. 

Out today, Invincible Episode 2: An Olympic Dream, shines a light on Luis’s 2021 Olympic campaign. 

Set up as one of the hot favourites for the gold, the pressure was huge on Luis’s shoulders heading into the Tokyo games. Could he become the first French man ever to win an Olympic Triathlon medal? Or would injury get the better of him, as the 32-year-old reveals he was struck by a devastating calf injury, just months out from the race?

Following on from the Tokyo Olympics, the documentary follows Luis to London, for the first Super League Triathlon Championship race of the 2021 season. Again, expectations could not be greater. Luis enjoyed an unbeaten year in 2020. But, with four weeks of fast and furious back-to-back racing ahead of him, and a field composed of some of the finest triathletes the world has ever seen, including multiple World and Olympic medallists, in Super League nothing is a given. 

Super League 2021 Munich Mens Race Vincent Luis


The documentary gives real insight into the highs and lows of an Olympian’s career. From retreating from social media, to battling injuries, and always striving to be in peak physical condition, neither Luis, nor the documentary, ever shies away from the harsh reality of life at the top. But there are also some truly heart-warming and inspiring moments that make Invincible a must watch for all triathlon fans. 

In London, Luis recounts his first Olympic experience. It was at the 2012 Olympic Games. Standing in Hyde Park, Luis recalls, 

“The pontoon was just here, transition over there. There were much more people though. It was crazy. I think they said there were one million people watching.”

He went on to discuss being present at the Brownlee brother’s home Olympic campaign, and the admiration he has for them.

“When they called the two brothers, I remember the noise, it was crazy, the ground was shaking … The pressure they had [on them] and they delivered. Honestly, respect, because they had their names everywhere… and yeah they did it!”

Throughout all its twists and turns, from meditative moments to heart stopping race action, Invincible shows the life of professional triathletes as they have never been seen before. 

Super League Munich Mens Race Vincent Luis

Invincible Episode 2: An Olympic Dream is LIVE NOW. Episode 3 will be released on 2nd December. The final episode airs on 9th December. You can catch the full series on Super League Triathlon’s YouTube channel.

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