Yuko Takahashi: The Pride Of Asia And Her Super League Experience

“Racing in Asia as the only Asian athlete on the Super League Circuit is very special, that and the fans, they make the venues come alive!”

Having completed her first triathlon at just 8 years old, Yuko Takahashi is now competing against the very best in the world, in the most intense, the most demanding, and the most exciting series triathlon has ever seen. Super League Triathlon (SLT) is about to have its first Grand Final and it is going to be epic!

As one of the first Asian representatives of the pro field, the upcoming Grand Final in Singapore means a lot to Yuko, a chance to not only show what she is capable of but to also elevate the sport in the region.

“Super League Triathlon is a great opportunity to let the locals at each destination see the world’s top triathletes and also experience the obsessive nature of the fans! I think triathlon is getting popular in Asia now, I want to be part of showing them how awesome it is!”

Beyond excited to be heading to Singapore, Yuko can’t wait to end her Super League season on a high off the back of some impressive results in the previous Championship Weekends.

“I can’t wait to be racing in such exciting formats, with these great athletes again. The Grand Final will be even more competitive but I have had some good training with my squad in the offseason, so I’m looking forward to seeing how well I perform in Singapore.”

With the intense nature of SLT, the importance of every single discipline is brought heavily into focus (even transitions!) and you can’t afford to have any kind of weakness. Does Yuko think this find of racing suits her?

 “I’d like to say YES! I’m very good at transitions and that is so important in this kind of racing!”

She is an excellent example of how if you want something enough, and you work hard enough to get it, nothing is out of reach.

“Having watched my teammates racing in Jersey 2017, and being so impressed, I thought I want to be in these races! Luckily I got the chance to join the Super League 2018/19 season.”

Fans travelling to Asia to catch the Super League Grand Final – We asked Yuko for a location you MUST add to your list of places to visit while you’re here…

“Please come and visit Japan! I’d really recommend visiting Kyoto. There are a lot of places to see and some very traditional Japanese highlights in Kyoto, such as temples, nature, and of course, you can taste great Japanese cuisine there!”

The Super League Triathlon Grand Final in Singapore in only 30 days away. Singapore means many things, as the home of our headquarters, where we began, and the location of our Grand Finale. This race weekend in the Lion City is going to be off the charts!

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