Vincent Luis: Relentless & Chasing For The Win

“Super League to me is the future. It is the next step for triathlon, at home people now recognise me in the street because it was live on the French TV and people watched it every day. If I won the overall I would be really proud, then when you win once, you only want to win twice.”

Vincent Luis is coming into the heat of Singapore looking to clinch the overall victory in the first ever global Super League Triathlon (SLT) series. His form to this point has been unstoppable – can he maintain the high intensity to keep his rivals at bay, or will the heat and humidity of Asia derail the championship leader?

“I’m feeling good, I have had a decent offseason, racing Malta and Mallorca really cost me a lot of energy. I had a break from training for four weeks, which was great – both mentally and physically.

I think I can handle the humidity and the heat, I have trained a lot in high temperatures in 2018. In August, when I was in Flagstaff in Arizona, it was really really hot, and I had no trouble keeping up the training. So I don’t think it is going to be a big deal for me.”

The field is going to be packed with contenders, and with double points on the line, the championship is far from settled. Who does Vincent see as his main rivals?

“I think Henri for sure, he’s a great athlete, he’s really strong, he trains hard, and I have a lot of respect for what he’s doing only training by himself. He’s a really tough guy, he was second every time, so there is no reason he cannot win in Singapore.

Jonny Brownlee is back, I heard he’s not racing Abu Dhabi so he will be 100% focused on Singapore. I’m really glad this guy is back because he changed triathlon and was kind of a model for me, an inspiration, and I’m thrilled to race against him especially when he’s at his best level.

So I would say, Henri, Jonny, and never count out Richard. Richard Murray, he’s going to be a great contender, early season he is always excellent. Hayden Wilde, he did great in the last two races, and he’s in New Zealand, so his season is already on, he’s already had some races, so maybe his body is more prepared than mine, we’ll see.”

Vincent feels SLT has elevated the sport and also the athletes, increasing exposure and creating new audiences.

“Honestly before and after Super League, there was a big change for me, both from the public and sponsors, there was such a big difference. I think people are now watching triathlon on TV and are interested in it, even more with a series they can follow for the year which is a good thing for the athletes.”

He feels the force of his nation behind him when he races, carrying not only his own hopes but also those of France.

“When I talk about triathlon I’m not just representing myself but also what people are going to think about France and French triathlon. The mission is not only for me, but it is also for my country and me. It’s quite a responsibility.”

How does he intend on celebrating if he takes the SLT crown?

“For sure I am going to bring my friends and my parents to a fancy place, some delicious food, and I’m going to give a gift to my parents, they did a lot for me, and if I can make them a happy or their life a little bit easier I will do it for sure.”

What message does Vincent have to the rest of the field before the Grand Finale?

“I just want to wish everyone a good race, I was sad when I saw Ben Kanute was injured last time, I want to wish everyone a good race, stay safe. Even if I don’t win, I will not be sad, it’s great, and we are providing a good vision of what triathlon can be, I want to thank every athlete and a big big big thanks for the organisers. I know Michael, Chris, and Leonid are doing a big job and all the athletes are thankful for this. Let’s rock.”

If you’ve missed the news, Super League Singapore is happening on the 23rd and 24th of Feb! Check out what’s going on at the event here

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