Valentine’s Day Lessons From a Triathlon Power Couple

So what exactly do a triathlon power couple do on Valentine’s Day? And just how romantic is it living a life of swim-bike-run together?

There’s no better placed pair of lovers to answer that question than Katie and Tommy Zaferes.

Katie is at the very pinnacle of the triathlon world and the reigning Super League champion, while Tommy has enjoyed a distinguished racing career and is now a superstar behind the lens snapping amazing pictures around the world – including at SLT events.

Katie and Tommy train together and travel the world with each other. So what are their plans for Valentine’s Day?

Speaking to The Power Up show, Katie laughed:

Training, but also I’m getting a solo massage!
We are actually celebrating on the 13th because I thought it would be a good strategy as we wouldn’t need a reservation and the prices would be cheaper!

Being a triathlon couple certainly has its ups and downs. Tommy joked:

It’s very challenging. We actually did the math with a friend and what’s the average amount of time a married couple spends together and what’s the average time we spend together?
So even though we’ve been married for five years technically we’ve been married for 15 years with the time we have spent together!

For both Tommy and Katie the life they lead is incredibly special. Katie smiled:

It’s challenging but also super rewarding. It’s really special the fact that I have Tommy to train with and I have someone who is going to help me solely for myself and be individualised for what he does during the workout so I can be the best I can be without overreaching too much.

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