Jonny Brownlee: A Heat Chamber, And A Whole Lot Of Pain

“My target in Singapore is to win. I go into all races trying to win. Maybe winning the overall will be difficult as I’m in 4th place, but the perfect scenario for me would be to win in Singapore, and then take 1st place on the overall podium.”

Jonny Brownlee is feeling confident and prepared after a tough 2018, and he’s gunning for victories across 2019 and beyond with Super League Triathlon (SLT) at the top of that list. The Grand Finale of the season in Singapore is coming up fast and his preparation is in full swing – in true Brownlee style, he’s leaving nothing to chance.

“At home I have a conservatory and I have converted that into a heat chamber. I’ve put heaters in there so at the moment it’s 3 or 4 degrees outside, but in my heat chamber, it can get to 30 or 35 degrees. Then I can exercise in there on a stationary bike and a treadmill and try to get used to the heat.”

Does he think that acclimation to the heat is key to his performance in Singapore and his chances of taking the overall victory?

“Yea because I’m not very good in the heat, as people have seen before. So if I want to compete well in Singapore, the heat is going to be very very important. Especially on that Sunday race, the Enduro, because it is a long race and it’s going to be really hard. Once I get back from Spain I’ll be in there two or three times per week for about an hour at a time. So I suppose three hours per week.”

To achieve his goal of winning the Grand Final, Jonny is not only working on his physical preparation but also his mindset going into the weekend; a readiness to suffer is critical when it comes to SLT.

“For Super League, you have to be ready to race because it is such a short quick format. You can’t make any mistakes. You have to be on that start line ready to race and ready to suffer. So that’s what I always go into these racing thinking.”

Triathlon has been in Jonny’s blood since he was 12 years old. He loves the sport, has dedicated his life to it, and also understands how it needs to develop in order to grow. This is what he thinks SLT is bringing to the party.

“Well I think for all sport now the viewers are super important, the people watching, and what Super League does really really well is it is great to watch. When I talk to people about Super League they say it is short, it’s fast, it’s got new additions like the Short Chute. All sports now need to be good to watch, and that is what Super League is doing.It’s good for the athletes to race fun and exciting formats, which are entirely new. And when Super League goes to a new place, they tend to leave it far better than they found it, with new triathletes and new fans of the sport, that is very very important.

Can the defending red jersey winner use his homemade heat chamber to give him the edge on his rivals across the weekend of the Super League Triathlon Grand Final? Don’t bet against it, because he’s coming in hot!

If you’ve missed the news, Super League Singapore is happening on the 23rd and 24th of Feb! Check out what’s going on at the event here

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